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5 Best Car Tracker Apps For Android

Car Tracker Apps are a must-have if you have a car regardless if it is for work (Uber driver) or just your own personal car. Car Tracker Apps can help do a bunch of other different things about your car like help you known exactly where you parked it, how long you’ve been driving, how much distance you’ve covered among other things. Now, there are lots of car tracker apps available on the Google Play store for Android devices, but we’ve narrowed it down to the best 5 we think are the best. Below are the 5 best car Tracker apps we think you should try out on your android smartphone.

Best Car Tracker Apps For Android

1. Google Maps

Google Maps needs no introduction and if you are using an Android device then chances are, you already have the app installed on your device. Except you are in China or use an Android smartphone intended for the Chinese market that doesn’t come with Google apps pre-installed. Regardless of that, you can still easily download Google Maps from the Google Play store. Google Maps is more than just a car Tracker as it can do more than that. It saves where your car has been on the map, where you parked it and also where you’ve been. It also has directions and a dedicated car mode where it calls out the direction for you. Definitely worth checking out.

  • Download Google Maps Here

2. Hurdlr

Hurdlr is more than just a car tracker app as it goes way beyond that and does a little bit of accounting and tax calculation for you which saves you both time and money. Asides from being able to track how far you drive, you can also track how much gas you spend among other things. The app also has deep integration with apps like Uber, Lyft, PayPal and more for batter stats on your finances. The Premium version as you would expect comes with even more features that involve the automation of some already have existing features on the non-premium one.

  • Download Hurdlr Here

3. SpotAngels

SpotAngels is literally an angel in an app format which does a lot of things in order to keep your car where it is supposed to be and when it is supposed to be there. For starters, the app can help you find free parking spots around when you want to park and if it doesn’t find one, it gets you the best deals on parking spots which you can even book before you get there. You also get street cleaning notification so as to move your car and avoid it getting towed. The app works in over 30+ Cities with more cities coming soon to the app.

  • Download SpotAngels Here

4. LoJack SureDrive

LoJack SureDrive isn’t only Android App as it needs a physical hardware tracker which gets put into your car. This opens the door a whole lot of new opportunities and features like being able to track your car in real-time even without being inside the car, get notifications when your car alarm is triggered or when someone who is driving your car goes too fast. The app Alongside the physical hardware car tracker (which costs about $700) has a bunch of other features and is a total package when it comes to the tracking of cars. Definitely worth looking into if you have the money and want the very best.

  • Download LoJack SureDrive Here

5. Manufacturer Apps

Carmakers are now taking their time to build apps for their cars which is a step in the right direction. Cars like Ford, Lexus and Chevy just to name a few now have their dedicated apps available for free on the Google Play which comes with basic car tracker features along with some brand-specific features. All you have to do is just go your Google play store app and search for your car brand and if there is an app available, you should see it and then you can download it.

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