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10 Best Face Changer Apps for Android and iPhone

Face change or swap has grown quite popular on social media over the last couple of years. As camera technology continues to grow, it brings innovation to our picture-related apps.

Many social apps now have the face changing the filter. These face changing apps lets users change their face into someone else and customize it. The end product is often hilarious and when shared on social media apps attracts a good amount of engagement.

We bring to you the top 10 Best Face Changer Apps for Android and iPhone.

 Face Changer Apps

Best Face Changer Apps for Android and iPhone

1. FaceApp

Our 10 Best Face Changer Apps for Android and iPhone list will not be complete without the trending FaceApp. This app is trending massively on the internet due to its age changing the filter. Upload your photo and choose whether to look old or young. You can also add beards to your photo. FaceApp uses artificial intelligence to make your photo look so real after editing. They took it to a whole new level.

2. Insta Face Changer Pro

What about changing your face into an animalistic one? If that’s what you’re looking for, Insta Face Changer Pro is the right app for you. Snapchat has even added the animal filter to their app and it’s becoming popular. There are six different types of face morphing in this app and it has over 50 animal faces to blend with your photos.

3. Face Changer 2

Typically an upgraded version of the popular Face Changer app. This part 2 comes with improved and latest features for editing faces. You’ll get hundreds of accessories to make one’s face funnier when you download this app. There are over 600 stickers to spice up your photos after editing.

4. Face Changer Photo Editor

This app allows you to import a photo from your gallery, swap the face with funny ones and also add stickers. Beard, Earnings, Ears, Eyelash, Eyes, Hair, Lips, Moustache, Nose, Tattoo and so on, are what you can add to your photos to make them funnier.

5.Face Changer

What better way to start this list other than the Face Changer app. This app is one of the best face changing apps right now. Face Changer can make any photo into a funny one. The app can replace face parts such as nose, eyes, ears, and even make someone bald. It can also make faces to smile, thin or fat, and make ears pointy.

6. Face Swap

Imagine having a picture of you and someone where the faces are swapped. You have the face of the other person, while the person has your face. Face Swap is the app for such kind of thing. Up to 6 faces in one picture can be swapped with a realistic result. And at the end of the editing, you get to save the photo to your gallery and share on social media.


MSQRD stands for the masquerade. The app focuses on video selfies, which is now a cash cow in the social space. Facebook has even acquired MSQRD which further proves how good they are.

8. Snapchat

If you’re looking for a face-swapping feature with a social community, this app is the best. Snapchat is probably one of the best filter apps on the internet right now. There is literally no face changing or swapping filter you won’t get on the app. And not just that, you get to follow the day-to-day life of various celebrities.

9. MixBooth

MixBooth is a face mixing machine app. It does not really swap faces, the app mixes multiple faces and makes them before one face. The features aren’t that much, but just the ability to mix faces together is intriguing to fans.

10. B612

Rounding up the 10 Best Face Changer Apps for Android and iPhone is B612. This is primarily a beauty and filter camera app. It does, however, has a face swap option as one of its many filters, which will further make your photo good and funny.

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