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10 Best Fake Chat Apps for Android Devices

In this article, we will show you some of the best fake chat apps for Android devices to chat with friends anonymously. If you are bored of chatting with the same people over and over, it is now to try something new and unique.

With the best fake chat apps for Android devices, you will depend less on Facebook and WhatsApp. You will see how it is easy and more fun chatting with strangers and friends anonymously.

These best fake chat apps are free to use as Android users can download them for free on Google Play Store. These apps will help you find people randomly and within your locality. You can easily start chatting and flirting with them without any strings attached.

More interestingly, the apps allow you to share images, audio, and videos with one another. Well, this is a list of the best fake chat apps; so, beware of whatever you forward to the other person.



A secret app for Android users, Cipher can also be used on iOS. This app allows users to ignite chats with anonymous people. With this app, you can share covert information with others including phone numbers, passwords, and security answers. You can be rest assured that your information is rightly secured as no one can access your info without a passcode.



This is a new app that is becoming increasingly popular by the day. This Android chat app allows you to start chatting with people from every part of the universe. One of the amazing features of Chatous is that it provides topics that you can chat about with strangers.

The way it works is that you just select a topic and you go on to search the people who are interested in the same topic. You can also share videos, audio, images and documents.

Anonymous Chat Rooms

Anonymous Chat Rooms   

Developed by AntiChat, Inc, Anonymous Chat Rooms is available for download on Android. This app allows you to start chatting anonymously. This implies that you can have cool conversations with unknown people and you can also start online dating combined with other options.

This app can be used without registration. You can equally express your real self in the chat rooms. You can also chat with people from around the world by changing your location.


Kampus is another fake chat app Android users can take advantage of. You can start chatting with unknown persons within your locality. You can also meet people without logging in or signing up.

The app also helps you chat with strangers without necessarily sharing your secret information. This app is free on Android.


Psst-Best Fake Chat Apps for Android

The coolest thing about psst is that you can connect with your Facebook account so that you can start an anonymous or fake conversation with a Facebook friend or account without the other person knowing who he or she is chatting with. This fake chat app has the block option which you can always use at any given time.


As one of the best free fake chat apps that we can recommend to anyone, Scandal is available for Android users and the features are just amazing.

This app has many chat rooms listed and anyone can join any of the chat rooms and start chatting with strangers and friends anonymously.

The scandal also has an international chat room that makes the option of online dating more fascinating. You can share images, GIFs, stickers, and videos with users.



This is a social app designed for phone calls. The app allows you to ask questions and get real answers and possible suggestions for your questions. It has emoji features good for expressing one’s feelings at any given time. You can get it on the Google play store

Zoom room

Developed by RubySpark Labs Ltd, Zooroom is available for Android users. The app doubles as a battery saver and a fake chat app. You don’t need to register before you can chat with online users.

You can also create your own chat room and invite friends to join your chat room by sharing a link with them.

Fake Chat

This is a direct message app you can download from Google Play Store. This Android app, like many others on the list, allows you to easily start chatting with unknown users. As a free-to-use app, Fake Chat has several unprecedented options.

For example, you can edit a message even if it has been sent, delivered, and read for free. You can also send and receive fake media messages alongside other things.


Whisper App

This is an online community where you can share your thoughts and give advice to others while getting the same from them. A free-to-use app, Whisper is available for download on Android. It is an awesome app for meeting people from different parts of the world.

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