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Best GPU Benchmark Software

A GPU benchmark is a test performed on a PC or Smartphone to assess the chipset’s performance, speed, and efficiency. Over the years, software developers have developed software to help you know the scores of your PC or mobile phone. Using the software, you can know how various hardware components perform. Today, we present you a list of the best GPU benchmark software; some of the software work on phones too.

The list below covers benchmark software that we have personally tried on our laptops, PCs, and smartphones. They were carefully selected and will give you a clear idea of how fast your device can go. So let’s go on and present to you the top benchmark software.

Top Best GPU Benchmark Software

1.    PassMark

PassMark lets you compare the performance of your computer to similar computers around. The data in the software are uploaded by another user making it easy to compare. It is free software that lets you test the speed of your 3D video card. You can also measure the network speed between two computers using TCP/IP. The free software also allows you to check your RAM’s read and write speed. You can run different performance tests directly from your USB drive using the software. You can also check disk speed using various caching options, file sizes, and blocks.

2.    Speccy

Speccy allows you to gather all the information about your PC, including RAM, CPU, graphics card, motherboard, network, and drivers. The app is paid, but there is a paid version available. You can also save the results you get in XML, snapshots, and text files. It is one of the best GPU benchmark software, and it can let you spot problems on your PC even before it happens.

3.    AIDA64 Extreme

AIDA64 Extreme is one of the best GPU benchmark software, and it will provide you with all the information on your computer’s components. The software has a dedicated panel that will provide all the graphs and images linked with your sensor data. It also provided information about other programs and licensed software running on your system. In addition, the software provides details of computer internals without opening it. It also uses multi-threaded memory and cache to analyze system RAM bandwidth.

4.    Basemark GPU

Basemark works on tablets, laptops, and PCs. The software can be configured according to what you prioritize when testing. You can easily compare the performance of your gadgets with this software. You can also select any test you want to carry out with ease.

5.    GeekBench – best GPU benchmark software

Geekbench works on smartphones and laptops. You can have access to your computer performance with a single click. The tool is suitable for measuring multicore and single-core power in processors. GeekBench is one of the most used applications to measure performance on a smartphone. It works on Android, IOS, Windows, and Linux. You get the scores, and it determines what performance you should expect from a device.

6.    FurMark

FurMark is a stress testing software that allows you to observe the GPU temperature on your PC. It has a unique rendering algorithm for video card benchmarking and testing the performance of the GPU. The software plays a sound if the temperature of your GPU is above average level. It is one of the best GPU benchmark software, and you can customize testing performance according to what you prioritize. You can also use the software to perform stability tests on a GPU. FurMark also has many features you will find when you start using it.

7.    Novabench

Novabench is a great tool that lets you test your PC performance. The software works online, and you can find problems plaguing your PC. There is a chart that helps you compare problems. It will also optimize and fix software issues on your PC. The software also checks memory transfer and disk read and write speed.

8.    3dMark

3dMark allows you to compare mobile device and PC performance with other models. The software automatically scans your PC hardware and recommends a good test for your system. There are customized tests that you can pick from and run them instantly. You have access to two tests in the software a quick benchmark test or a more extended stress test.

9.    OverClock Checking Tool – best GPU benchmark software

Overclock checking tool is one of the best GPU benchmark software that lets you perform a test for memory, VRAM, and power supply. The software monitors your computer in real-time. As a result, you can monitor the computer’s behavior during the test, and it can also generate a CSV file containing a report. The software also supports a command-line interface, and it also provides graphical reports that can be easily saved to your system.

10.  Heaven UNIGINE

Heaven UNIGINE is a benchmarking software that helps you test GPU performance and diagnostic stability. The software lets you test the effectiveness of your graphics card cooler. It is one of the best GPU testing software for extreme hardware stability testing. You can also use the software to monitor GPU temperature. The software also offers 3D and multi-monitor configurations, and it also provides support for DirectX and OpenGL.

Conclusion – best GPU benchmark software

The software listed here will help you test various aspects of your smartphone or PC. However, they serve a different purposes, so this article has software depending on what you want to test. Hopefully, you will find software in this article to test performance on your PC. If there is any software that we missed, kindly drop them in the comment section below.

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