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5 Best Nintendo NDS Emulators For Android

If you’re looking to revisit some of your favourite Nintendo games on your android device then you will be needing top best Nintendo NDS emulators that can do the job. For those of you who don’t know what a Nintendo NDS Emulator is, it is an app that has been developed to run Nintendo games on your Android device. With this app, you can download and play Nintendo games using your device display as both the display and also the buttons. Some Emulators also allow the use of a controller which in some case improves the gameplay experience.

Obviously, there are a lot of these kinds of apps available today but we will be taking a look at the top 5 best we think you should download if you’re looking to get back into some Nintendo gaming using your Android device.

Best Nintendo NDS Emulators For Android


NDS4Droid is a Nintendo emulator for Android that has been around for quite some time which is largely thanks to it being open source. This has somewhat been a foundation for other developers to build theirs. NDS4Droid does get the job done and plays all Nintendo games but it has gone cold of recent with no updates and some little issues, nothing too big to take away from the whole gameplay experience. It’s definitely worth checking out since it is free to download and use, especially if you want something simple and casual.

  • Download NDS4Droid Here

DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS Emulator is one of the Best Nintendo NDS Emulators if not the very best Nintendo emulator for Android out there and that is to be expected given its price of $4.99. For that price, you’ll be getting a very good Nintendo emulator that runs pretty much any Nintendo game you throw at it with no issues and also packs lots of features. These features include customisable layout buttons with support for hardware Controllers. High-end devices also get run games at a much better and improved graphics if they choose to. Definitely, the best when it comes to Nintendo DS Emulator.

  • Download DraStic DS Emulator Here


EmuBox, short for Emulator Box isn’t just a Nintendo DS emulator but can also emulate PlayStation and SNES games. It also runs games from the aforementioned three platforms without issues. The app also has a nice materials user interface which makes it look clean and simple. Unlike the DraStic DS Emulator, this EmuBox right here is free to download and use but comes at a catch – you’ll be shown ads. Unfortunately, there is no way to make the ads disappear. Asides from that, the app is pretty much okay for playing games.

  • Download EmuBox Here

NDS Emulator

NDS Emulator is yet another good Nintendo DS emulator. Just like the EmuBox up there, this is also free to download and use but comes with ads. As at the time of writing this, there is no option to remove the ads like paying for a pro version or something so you’re pretty much stuck with the ads. However, it is a good NDS emulator nonetheless and definitely worth checking out. It has basic features like controller support, customisable layout buttons and much more.

  • Download NDS Emulator Here


RetroArch is among the very best Nintendo DS emulators I like to call a jack of all emulator. The app can emulate different platforms like Nintendo DS, SNES, Game Boy and Game boy advance just to name a few. However, it is just that – good at emulating all games but doesn’t perfect one. This is particularly good those who just want to be able to play all games and not worried about just one and building features for that particular one. It is also free to download and use with no ads popping up which is a big plus in my book.

  • Download RetroArch Here
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