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Embedded Video: How To Download An Embedded Video

What do you know about embedded video and how to download an embedded video? Well, there are many reasons why people opt to download videos to watch offline, either that they don’t want to use up their data or they don’t have internet access. Some websites intentionally make it difficult to download video content from their platform e.g. YouTube. When you’re done reading this article, you should be able to download embedded videos easily.

For your convenience, we’ll be showing you different tools to use to download an embedded video. There are different video website out there, the tool that worked for one website, might not work for the other. We recommend that you bookmark this page for easier access, anytime you need this tutorial.

Browser extensions are one of the easiest methods for downloading an embedded video. All you need to do is to install a browser extension and you should be able to download embedded videos with the touch of a button. But extensions don’t work on sites like YouTube, in which case we’ll provide an alternative as you read on.

Ways to An Embedded Video

how to download youtube videos

Flash Video Downloader

Our first method on how to download an embedded video is Flash Video Downloader. This extension works for most video formats out there and is considered to be a great option for Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers. Flash Video Downloader has about a 4.1-star rating from over 6,000 reviews which is pretty good. If you’re trying to download video content to your device from a wide range of sites and sources online, this extension is a good start. Like we said earlier in this article, no tool works on every website, so if this extension doesn’t work, there are other tools in this article to try out. Generally, Flash Video Downloader makes it easy and simple to tell if an embedded video can be downloaded and saved to your device.

Video DownloadHelper (Chrome/Firefox)

Video DownloadHelper is an add-on for Firefox that was created in 2007. In 2015, a Chrome extension was made available. The tool is also available on Safari for Mac users. Video DownloadHelper is regularly updated and maintained on all supported platforms. The tool works on a vast majority of websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. With Video DownloadHelper, users can save their favorite clips to their hard drive in any format they choose. The whole download and conversion process is pretty quick and simple too.

Free Video Downloader

Free Video Downloader is an extension tool for Chrome that supports file types like MPG, ASF, WEBM, AVI, FLV, MOV and MP4. The tool proclaims to works on nearly every video website except for those that block extension-based downloads such as YouTube. Free Video Downloader supports the downloading of multiple videos at once and video playlists.

FastestTube YouTube Downloader Tool

The next method on how to download an embedded video article is FastestTube YouTube Downloader Tool. This tool is not supported in the Chrome store, so will require you to go through the instructions on the website to install it. It is difficult to download videos from YouTube and most extensions don’t support it. FastestTube YouTube Downloader tool works on Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chromium-based browsers.

YouTube Video Downloader

Another viable method to download YouTube videos is by using YouTube Video Downloader. The tool supports all formats like MP4, MP3, FLV, WEBM and 3GP. With this downloader, users can download YouTube videos in different video quality – 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p e.t.c.

How to Download an Embedded Video on Android

Android users are not left behind when it comes to downloading embedded videos. With an Android-based application like “Advanced Download Manager & Torrent downloader”, you can be able to download embedded videos. The application is available on the Google play store and is considered to be a very powerful downloader for Android.

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