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Download and Install Google Pixel 3 camera Apk on Poco F1

Google Night Sight is something out of a futuristic movie with its ability to take pretty decent photos in extremely low light conditions without needing an LED flash. Since the release of the feature or should I say the addition of this feature to the Google Camera – Google Pixel, Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 Camera – most smartphone users now want to have a test of the night sight. So much so that other smartphone makers have copied, or rather Brought out their own version of the Night sight (i see you Huwaei). However, most people tend to lean towards the side of the Google camera.

How to Get Google Pixel 3 Night Sight camera Apk on Oneplus 6 & 6T

Asides from Night Sight, the Google camera general takes really nice photos and is quite possibly the best camera when it comes to Android smartphones. Little wonder why Google camera is being ported to other Android devices by various developers. The Pocophone F1 is the latest smartphone to receive the Google camera port and although it is still in its beta phase, it’s pretty much stable at this point and very much usable. The latest version of the Google Camera port for the Pocophone F1 also has the night sight Feature already so you can take those low light shots. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s get started.

How To Download and Install Google Pixel 3 Camera (Google Camera) on Poco F1

First things first, you’ll need to meet certain requirements. Make sure your Pocophone is on the MIUI 10.2.2 or higher which is based on Android 9.0 Pie Operating System. This is very important. If your Pocophone F1 isn’t on MIUI 10.2.2 or higher, you can update by going to the Settings Menu >> About Phone >> System Update and Search for Updates. Download the update and Install. After updating your device, be sure to check of the update you just Install is MIUI 10.2.2 or something higher. Once that has been sorted out then the hard part is over.

Next, You’ll need to download the Google Camera Mod for Pocophone F1 by Clicking Here. Download the Google Camera Apk App and Install it on your iPhone like you would a normal app. Also, you don’t need root access for this app to work so even if your Pocophone F1 isn’t rooted, you can go ahead and Download the App.

After installing, Launch the Google Camera app and enjoy. Features of the Google camera includes ZSL HDR+, Super Res Zoom, Portrait Mode with both front and back camera, 4k video recording at 30fps and 1080p video recording at up to 240fps(slow-motion) among others.

The best thing about this is that you can also use the MIUI camera while you have the Google Camera Installed. This comes in pretty handy if and when you start experiencing bugs on the Google Camera. You can simply just used the MIUI camera. Got questions ? Having troubles Downloading or installing? Leave us a comment Down in the comment section below.

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