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Download MX Player Pro APK Latest Version Ads Free

This article provides information about MX Player and how you can download MX Player Pro APK for Android. When it comes to watching movies, streaming shows or watching live football matches on the go on a smartphone, the importance of a good media player cannot be over-emphasized. MX Player for Android and iOS has in the last couple of year delivered a stunning performance among the best video players on the app store.

Personally, it is my number #1 media player for android. It is user-friendly and supports most of the video format for movies we download online. The app has no issue playing 4K movies easily as well. MX Player is available to download free on the Google play store and this version comes with all the features needed to deliver smooth media experience. However, it comes with ads which is one of the things you get when you are using a free app or game as the case may be.

MX Player Pro APK

If you want to get rid of MX player ads, you might need to download MX Player Pro APK or root your phone and download Lucky patcher to get rid of ads. If you don’t know how to use lucky patcher to stop app or game ads, follow the steps below as enumerated by Quora.

Download lucky patcher from here.

How To Remove Ads With Lucky Patcher

You must root your device to get started. There are a lot of Root Tutorials are available on the Internet, you can also watch Youtube tutorial on how to root an android device. But remember, the root process can be different on different devices. So search with your phone model.

For example, we’ll remove ads from a popular app “MX player”

  • Open Lucky Patcher app. After opening lucky patcher you will see that the app will load all the apps that installed on your device.
  • The app that has Google ads can be removed with Lucky patcher. Now select the app that you want to remove ads. For example, we are removing ads from MX player. So we have pressed on that app.
  • You will see a menu with different options. Now select the “Open menu of patches” to continue.
  • Now you will see another menu. Press the “Remove Google Ads” to continue.
  • On the next menu, you will see two options. Just click on the “Patch to Remove Google Ads” button.
  • On that menu, you will find many options to remove ads. All you need to do is that pressing on the “Apply” button.
  • Now, wait for a while to patch the app. After patching successfully, you will see a result with a successful message.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully remove ads from the app. Now we will open the app that we have patched.

If you don’t want to go through the stress of rooting your phone which we all know can void your warranty, you just go just go ahead to download the MX Player Pro APK we will be talking about here.

MX Player Pro is the advanced version of the MX player with no ads. The MX Player Pro is actually the better version but due to the price tag, many people have been looking for ways to download the paid version for free.

You can head over to the Google Play store to download the MX Player Pro APK here, it costs around $5. But in case you can’t still afford a $5 app, you can continue to read on how to download MX Player Pro APK for free. Once you follow the steps given here, you will learn how to download it for free.

MX Player Pro for Android Info

VersionMX Player Pro 1.9.24
File Size14.77 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0 and up
DeveloperJ2 Interactive

Features of MX Player Pro

  1. There are no Advertisements

Just like I have been saying earlier in this article, one of the benefits if the MX Player Pro is the fact that it is ads free. Unlike the free version that comes with ads when you are on the media screen. Not many of us like ads as some of them are really annoying and they kill the flow of whatever you might be watching.

  1. It Supports Every Subtitle Format

MX Player is among the best video player around. The app support every subtitle formats such as DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS subtitle tracks,  SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass) with full styling, SAMI(.smi) with Ruby tag support, SubRip(.srt), MicroDVD(.sub), VobSub(.sub/.idx), SubViewer2.0(.sub), MPL2(.mpl), TMPlayer(.txt), Teletext, PJS(.pjs) and WebVTT(.vtt) You can even personalize and reposition the text as well.

  1. MULTI-CORE DECODING – MX Player is the first Android video player which supports multi-core decoding. Test result proved that dual-core device’s performance is up to 70% better than single-core devices
  2. PINCH TO ZOOM, ZOOM AND PAN – With MX Player It is quite easy to zoom in and out by pinching and swiping across the screen. Zoom and Pan are also available by option.

Now that you have seen how features-packed MX Player Pro APK is, let’s go straight on how to download it for free.

How to Download MX Player Pro APK For Free

  • Download the Apk file here
  • Once the app is downloaded, you will need to toggle on unknown sources under developer setting in case you have not already done it.
  • Go to Settings and Scroll down to choose Security
  • Scroll down to check if “Unknown sources” is turned on or not. You can see the switcher under Device administration. If it is turned off, tap on it to toggle it on.
  • You can now go ahead to install the MX Player Pro Apk you  downloaded earlier by going to file manager to locate the APK file
  • Then tap on the app to install it.

In case you are using a version missing some existing codecs, you can follow the steps below to download the MX Player codex. Some users are already complaining that they can’t play AC3, DTS, MLP, TrueHD formats on MX Player. The reason is that the version they are using is missing the codecs needed to play these format flawlessly, never worry as you can install them manually.

We will be using the tutorial to download MX Player codecs on your player as explained by XDA developer. But before you embark on this process, make sure you follow the instructions below.

Instructions before you download MX Player codecs

  1. Check which version you need by going to Settings/Decoder/General, in the Custom Codec tab it will tell you which one is needed (x86,tegra2,tegra3,neon).
    Note: skip step 1 if you are using aio (all in one) version
    2. Download the one you need (No need to unzip it)
    3. Go back to Settings/Decoder/General and tap the Custom Codec tab then select the version you downloaded. Now download the codec files from the links here or here

Now Let’s move to how you can install the Codecs

How to Install MX Player Codec Files

Now that you have downloaded the codec files, you can go ahead to install it by following this simple process. You will need to move the codecs files to your phone first and follow the guide below.

1st Method

  • If you have the zip file in internal storage (in download or Bluetooth section), then keep it there only.
  • Now open the MX player, if it is compatible with the codec pack you have installed, it will automatically say to install the codec pack found in the storage. Just click ok.
  • The App will restart, and the pack will be installed. Now you can enjoy audio to every video, without any glitch.

2nd Method

  • Open MX Player on your smartphone.
  • Open settings >decoder >general >custom codec.
  • A dialog box will appear for the navigation of the codec pack. Now open the folder in which the codec pack is installed. You will see the zip file, click on it.
  • If you have selected the right zip file, The App will restart.

All the Codec Pack will be installed automatically from the ZIP file stored on your phone. And after the app restarts, you can then play DTS audio on MX Player without any problem.

There you have it guys on how to download MX Player Pro APk for free, lemme if you have any comments as regards this tutorial and it works for you.

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