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DStv Now App Lets Subscribers Stream Live TV On The Go

DSTV NOW App allows DSTV subscribers to stream and watch the best Live TV and Catch Up content anywhere, anytime at no additional cost. You can get access to the contents available on your subscription plan through desktop, laptop computers, Android and iOS-based tablets, and smartphones.

However, only DStv Premium, Compact Plus, and Compact customers will have access to DSTV NOW now. You can also download series and movies from DStv Catch Up as well. The platform can also be accessed on up to four mobile devices from the same account.

How Can I Access DSTV NOW?

Dstv Now App

To gain access to DSTV NOW, you have to make sure that your DSTV subscription is either DStv Premium, Compact Plus, and Compact. Then you need to download the DStv now app to your device or log on to via your desktop browser. You will have access to the Live TV, see the full DSTV TV Guide, enjoy DStv Catch Up content (via streaming or download), and manage your account at your convenience.

How To Download DSTV Now App for Android and iOS?

Dstv Now app is available on both Android Google Play Store and Apple Store. To download follow the steps below

• Download DSTV Now App for Android Here
• Download DSTV Now App for iOS Here.

Is There A DSTV NOW App For PC?

No, there’s no DSTV NOW App for PC. But you can visit, which uses an HTML 5 video player instead of a flash player for live TV channels online and series and movies on Catch Up.

• Log in or Sign up at
• Link your DStv Premium, DStv Extra or DStv Compact smart card
• Watch

DSTV Live TV Streaming, Can I Stream live matches and show on Dstv Now app?

Yes, Dstv Now Live TV Streaming lets you watch and stream a selection of the best DStv channels on DStv Now. All you need to do is to open the app or log on to the site and enjoy your channels whenever you want.

DStv Catch Up

Just as the name suggests, this lets you catch up on all the contents you’ve missed or will be missing. You will be able to download these contents and watch them whenever you’re less busy at your own convenient time as well.

DSTV Guide

This is an online guide that lets you in on all the programs the channels will be airing, making it easy for you to keep track of your favourite programs. With this feature, you won’t miss your favourite programs on DStv Now.

These are all the details you need to know about DStv Now app. If you have more questions, you can ask us using the comments below.

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