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Epsxe APK Emulator Download For Android

Growing up, I played lots of video games on the PlayStation One console and up till now, I still have some favourites on that console that I’ll like to revisit and play again. I know I’m not the only one that wants this and lots of people out there would like to play those retro game they did in this childhood days.

Epsxe Apk Emulator Review

This is where the Epsxe APK comes in. EPSXE was originally created for PC to emulate the first generation of the PlayStation console – PSOne – as it had enough processing power to do it well.

Over the years, smartphones have also evolved and have gotten powerful as well, so much so that it now has the hardware to run PSOne games smooth hence the Epsxe emulator getting a mobile port.

Thanks to this Epsxe emulator app, you can run all your beloved PlayStation One games on your Android device. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t come with any game so you’ll have to download any PlayStation one you want to play separately and load it onto the app to play. Epsxe comes with on-screen buttons that mimic the PlayStation controller which you can use to play that games or you can also hook up a physical PlayStation controller to your Android device since it supports it. Multiplayer games can also be played by splitting the screen with each person using each half as their controls and display.

Graphics-wise, everything looks amazing thanks to the Peopsxgl Plugin which has support for OpenGL HD enhanced graphics. Personally, the graphics of the game isn’t okay by the recent standard but that is understandable as it is a PSOne game and the limiting factor is the game (that’s the Highest graphics it can attain) and not your smartphone which I’m pretty sure is capable of even more.

Speaking about devices, you need to have a pretty decent one in order to be able to run things smoothly. No requirement was give given but if you have an Android device with an octa-core processor, 2GB of RAM and running Android 2.3 or higher then you shouldn’t have any problem running the app.

Download Epsxe Emulator Apk For Android

Downloading the Epsxe Emulator app is pretty simple. For starters, the app is free to download on the Google Play for Android, although it does come with ads.

However, if you want the ads to disappear, you can simply pay for the premium version which is also on the Google play store and cost about $1.99.

The one-time payment is really not bad considering what you’re getting in return. You get to play any and all PSOne game you want using the app. If you still don’t want to pay or just want to test the app and see if it works well then you can use the free version which is also available on the Google play store. You’ll find the download link below.

  • Download Epsxe Emulator Here.


There are also PSOne emulators out there that can equally get the job done like PPSSPP among others but Epsxe apk is also good. It weighs under 10MB so it won’t take up your internal storage, has over 500k downloads on the Google play store which means a lot of people are using the app and has a good feedback with a respectable 4.5 out 5 rating. Definitely a PlayStation emulator I’d recommend.

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