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Glo Bumpa Tariff Plan: Call Rates and How to Migrate

In this article, we will be taking a look at the GLO Bumpa tariff plan and what it offers to an average Glo user. Now, there are lots of different tariff plans available on the Glo network. Glo subscribers can migrate to any of them to enjoy certain perks like reduced calls rate and data subscription, double recharge and free data among other things.

Each tariff plan comes with its own advantage and here we will be taking a look at what the Glo Bumpa tariff plan has to offer.

Glo Bumpa Tariff Plan Perks

Starting off the list is the 200% bonus on recharge above N100. This means that all Glo users on the Glo Gumpa tariff plan get an additional N200 for every N100 they recharge. Also, if you recharge N200, you get an extra N400 totalling N600 (N400 bonus + N200 recharge).

The call bonus balance can be used just like your normal balance to call any network in Nigeria, send text messages and also browse the internet.

However, calls made using the bonus balance are charged 50k/s, and text messages are charged at N4 per message. The bonus balance is only valid for 30 days. You also get to make free night calls starting from 0:00 to 4:59 provided you’ve spent at least N30 in the past 24 hours.

Obviously, the free night calls can only be made from your Glo phone number to other Glo users. Calling other networks during this time will attract the normal fee.

That’s pretty much it about the perks of the Glo bumpa tariff plan. Now that we know all about the perks and advantages of the plan, you can go ahead and migrate to the plan.

How to migrate to the Glo bumpa tariff plan

Migrating to the Glo bumpa tariff plan from your existing tariff plan is pretty easy, all you have to do is dial 10010*1#,

  1. Wait for the message to pop up, press 1 and enter to confirm.
  2. You will get a message confirming your successful migration to the Glo bumpa tariff plan.
  3. Migrating to a new plan is free on the Glo network, provided you haven’t migrated from one plan to another in the last 30 days. If you have, you will be charged N100 for the migration.

Once you’ve successfully migrated the Glo bumpa tariff plan you can now go ahead and recharge your line in order to get the perks which include the 200% on recharges above N100, free night calls and more.

You can keep track of the bonus given to you by dialling the following code: #122*2#. After dialling the code, you will get a message with the available balance you have left.

How to unsubscribe from Glo bumpa tariff plan

If you ever want to migrate out of the Glo bumpa tariff plan all you have to do is dial the code for the new plan would like to migrate to.

This will immediately unsubscribe you from the Bumpa plan and you will be migrated to the new plan at no extra cost. That is of course if you haven’t migrated in the last 30 days.


That’s pretty much all you need to know about the bumpa tariff plan, how to migrate to the plan and also how to migrate to any other tariff plan. If there is something about the tariff plan that wasn’t mentioned or included in this article, are you have questions about the bumpa tariff plan, don’t hesitate to let us know through the comment section down below.

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