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How to check the processor your phone is running on

What goes around smartphones might be confusing and difficult to understand. But they us pretty well. Whether you want to browse the internet, make an important call, schedule business meeting, send an email, play games and video etc. Our phones have become an essential part of our life. They serve as a mobile web browser, music and video players, camera and many more.

But, what makes a smartphone perform all these tasks? There must be a part of the system that carries out these functions. A processor is a part of system that process and carries out those functions.

check the processor your phone is running on

A processor is like the motherboard of a smartphone. It helps in a basic calculation and in the execution of codes. A key component of a professor is the CPU. Checking the processor your phone is running on is not that difficult. Most people might think that it is not necessary to know what processor their device is running on.

Processor helps to carry out what you want your smartphone to do. In simple term, we can say Processor is the brain of a device. Our phones started with a single core processor but presently we have smartphones with up to 10-core of processors. Processors are in cores like dual-core, quad-core (consist of four cores), hexa and Octa-core (consist of six and eight cores) etc.

The more cores a device has, the more tasks is able to process but this also depends on the clock speed and the type of chipset used.

How to check the processor your phone is running on?

There are many applications you can install on your device to check the processor your phone is running on. Applications like, CPU – Z, My device, Android system info and many more. These applications are free to download and easy to use. They also consist of various functions.

  1. First method

  •  Go to your settings, click on About phone, it will provide your phone information.

    2. The second method

This works on both Android and iOS devices

  • Go to Google Play Store or App Store
  • Download CPU-Z
  • When you launch the app, the first tab shows how many cores the device has, its speed, the architecture, and the GPU.
  • Selecting the “Device” tab provides more information on physical aspects and performance.
  • The “Sensors” tab shows us what sensors are installed on the device and what they are currently reading.
  • The “Thermal” tab which tells you the current temperatures from your device.

CPU-Z is a good app to use when you want to know what goes on in your device. It is very useful.

     3. 3rd method

  • Install an application known as “My Device”
  • Launch the application, click on the list where you will get to see different options.
  • Search for CPU and click on it, it will provide your processor’s details.
  1. Fourth method

Download and install Droid Hardware Info. This application is also a free application and it is available on Google Play Store.

After Installing the application, click on the system tab and there are two fields which contain architecture and instruction sets.

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