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Huawei Is A National Security Risk- U.S Lawmakers warn Canada

United States lawmakers have warned the Canada government to consider the Chinese tech giant, Huawei as a threat to the country’s national security. According to the report, the lawmakers claim that Huawei is a threat to the intelligence gathering operations between Canada and its allies in other countries.

Jim Balsillie, who is a former co-CEO of RIM says that they’re pleading to Canada to hear the United States warning. He stressed that his main concern was the intellectual property that is being created from public researches that are made by Canadian universities where Huawei is developing its 5G connectivity chipset.

The United States has previously warned that people living inside the country should stop buying Huawei phones or network equipment. This is coming after a certain bond between the phone maker and the Chinese government became tight. Since then the U.S declared the manufacturer a threat to the national security.

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“I hope the U.S. urging will serve as a wake-up call for Canada’s policymakers to review not just the Investment Canada Act but also the fact that we have no strategies for retaining publicly funded intellectual property and data for benefit of Canadian prosperity and security”, said Jim Balsillie.

The issue became serious when top network vendors AT&T and Verizon decided to not carry the company’s Huawei Mate 10 Pro earlier on this year. The U.S Military bases are no longer allowed to own any of the Chinese company products. However, it seems Canada isn’t bothered about this nor its security.

You won’t blame them though, Huawei has turned the country into one of the biggest centres for its 5G connectivity research and development. Canada doesn’t want anything to hinder the country from being part of something that will improve global technology like the cutting-edge 5G network.

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  1. Why will they say so thing against well know company like Huawei, Well i guess both parties should settle there dispute to enable grands for better businesses.