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i7s TWS Features and Price Review

The i7s TWS is a popular earphone that is cloned into looking like the Apple Airpod. At first glance, you’ll barely spot a difference and a lot of people have fallen victim of this. Today, well be reviewing the i7s TWS specs, features and price. This will further help consumers to know more about the earphone and stop mistaking them for the Airpods.

i7s TWS Design

i7s TWS

It shouldn’t be a surprise to say that the design of this earbuds is pretty cool since it is an Airpod clone. The earphone comes inside a case which also acts as its charger. It comes in five body colour type: Black, White, Red, Gold, and Rose Gold. It doesn’t have noise cancellation feature but sits pretty well in your ears. There is a dust-proof mesh at the tip of the side that goes into your ear. Underneath each earbud is a charging port that charges the earbud when it is inserted inside the case.

i7s TWS Audio Quality

The audio quality of the i7s TWS is decent, but certainly not on the level of the Airpod. You don’t have to strain to hear the other person when making a call. The audio playback is typically the same, good but not great. Considering its price range, we should not expect top-notch audio quality from this earphone.


The i7s TWS supports A2D2 and HSP Bluetooth profiles. This means that it is capable of making both telephone calls and stereo music playback from a phone. It is also important to point out that the TWS acronym stands for True Wireless Stereo. With a wireless frequency of 2.4 GHz, the transmission distance of the i7s TWS is about 12m.

i7s TWS Airpod

You can either play or pause your music by pressing the multifunction button on either earbud. A long press of the multifunction button on the left earbud will decrease the volume. While a long press on the multifunction button on the right earbud increases the volume.


The pair of earbud has a battery capacity of 65 mAh. The case or can be called the charging box packs a 950 mAh. The charging time of the box is just 2 hours and it supports the regular DC 5V microUSB charger. It can last up 5 hours when using both earbuds and up to 6 hours with just one earbud. The standby time is a long 120 hours.

Price and Availability

The i7s TWS is available in the market and retails at around N8,000. It is a very cheap and affordable earphone. A nice and decent substitute for Apple’s Airpod.

Step 1

Open the charging box/case, and take out one or both of the earbuds depending on your preference

Step 2

You’ll see a multifunction button close to the middle of the earbud, press and hold it until there is a LED light alternating between red and blue colours

Step 3

Now on your smartphone or the device you wish to pair the i7s TWS with, go to the Bluetooth menu.

Step 4

Enable the phone’s Bluetooth and scan for available devices.

Step 5

You should be able to see “TWS-i7s” in the list of available devices ready to pair with.

Step 6

Click on it and wait for your phone to be paired with the earbuds. You can now make calls or listen to music with the earphone.
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