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Xhide App: How to Download, Use Xhide and Reset Password

Infinix Xhide is an application that allows users to hide and unhide apps on their smartphones. Infinix Mobility included this feature on their XOS User Interface (UI) to help users in hiding apps on their devices.

What is Infinix xhide?

Although hiding files without a third-party app is easy, Infinix aims to cover that part by not requiring its users to download an external app. By utilizing Infinix Xhide, you can easily hide your files and apps without the need of downloading a third-party app. The categories available on the app are

  • Communications: for messages and contacts
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Records
  • App Hide for hiding and un-hiding apps

At the heart of today’s post, we are going to show you everything you need to know about Infinix Xhide.

Infinix Mobility

Infinix Xhide Features

  • Xhide is a safe vault folder on Infinix phones running on XOS Hummingbird or Chameleon.
  • It has a simple way of hiding files inside an already hidden app.
  • The Xhide icon can be hidden totally from your phone’s app drawer.
  • It also has its own way of unlocking and accessing it which is not common with other smartphones.

How to Download Infinix Xhide

Downloading the app from an external source cannot be done because the app is already available on Infinix smartphones. Over the years, Infinix has released two user Interfaces (UI): XOS and XUI. The former, which is XUI, does not come with the app while the latter does.

How to Access Hidden Apps

Now that you’ve hidden some of your apps, how do you access them? It’s simple but depends on whether Xhide is in hidden mode or not. So, if Xhide is in hidden mode, take these steps to access hidden apps:

  • Go to your phone dialer and dial ##0000 (where 0000 is the four-digit pin you provided the first time you access the app). For instance, if the pin you provided is 2345, you will dial ##2345.
  • After dialling the correct code, the app will come up automatically
  • Select the category under which the file you want to access belongs and tap on it to open it.

However, if Xhide is not in hidden mode, locate it on your phone menu and tap on it. A page will be shown on which you can choose the category to access the file you want. But this is not safe because no security authentication will be provided which means anyone can gain access to your info.

How to Reset Infinix Xhide Password

  • Go to your phone dialer
  • Dial the code ##0000 (Xhide will come up automatically asking you to input security question and answer)
  • Supply the answer you set to your security question (if correct, the option to input a new password will be displayed)
  • Type a new password (make sure you use a password that you will remember, easily)

How to Retrieve Hidden Apps and Files

If you’ve forgotten your Xhide password and want to retrieve hidden apps and files, below are the steps to follow:

  • Go to your phone dialer
  • Dial the code ## and security pin, g. ##2345
  • After dialling the code, the app will come up automatically
  • Choose the category you hide the file either communication, videos, records pictures or app
  • Then, select the app you want to unhide

Finally, security is of the greatest importance to every one of us. Contacts, images, videos, and so on are things we so much value and keep confidential. So, it is up to you to choose what to hide and how you want to access them.

Tijani Mustapha
Tijani Mustapha
Tijani Mustapha Adedeji is a Senior Tech Writer on Phonecorridor. He has a strong flair for gadgets and tech-related developments around the globe. Deji, based in Lagos, Nigeria, is an avid reader, who loves meeting people.


  1. I use a hot 6 pro and have the xhide app running perfectly. However, there is need to hide the xhide app itself. The instructions I saw online says to activate-settings-hidden mode. Unfortunately I have only two options there and hidden mode is not one of it. What do I do? Do I need an update or what? I really want to hide the app. Thanks.

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