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iRoot APK: Download and Root Android devices with iRoot App

You can now root your Android smartphone by downloading iRoot APK. Rooting in the computing world is referred to as the highest directory of a directory structure which may contain both files and subdirectories. It is the first user account with complete access to the operating system (in this case Android operating system) and its configuration, found at the root of the directory structure.

There are many Android apps we can use to root our devices, and one of them is iRoot. Due to obvious reasons, the application is not available on Google playstore. This means you can only download the APK file via a third party source and then install into your device. Learn how to download and Root Android devices with iRoot App in this article.

What is iRoot App?

The iRoot application is an Android rooting tool used to gain complete access to your Android operating system and its configuration.

The application is developed by Magyun team, who are also responsible for the vroot one-click-rooting tool. iRoot is among the most powerful Android rooting app right now with a high percentage of success. According to the developers, over 290 million Android smartphones has been rooted successfully using iRoot.

Features and Benefits of iRoot App

Before we go further, it is important that we highlight the features and benefits of this iRoot app. This way, you’ll know what you’re getting once you download the app.

  1. iRoot allows you to root your Android device with just a single tap. This is one of the easiest methods of rooting.
  2. Third-party apps will be recommended upon successful rooting to boost device performance.
  3. Internet connection is required to root your Android device with iRoot.
  4. The rooting procedure won’t/don’t result in data loss. Your data are safe during the rooting procedure.
  5. Beat limitations and confines to access the operating system. Also, flash custom ROM and remove unwanted advertisements.
  6. iRoot shows the device information such Brand name, Model, Android version, IMEI number, Resolution, RAM, Internal and System Storage. All this information can be seen on the “Device Info” from the Navigation Menu.

System Requirements for iRoot Download

The following are all the requirements you need to meet before downloading the iRoot APK file;

  • Make sure your Android smartphone has at least a healthy 50% battery life.
  • Your operating system should be Android 2.3 or above.
  • Install the latest device USB driver software and have a USB cable to connect the PC and the smartphone.

iRoot APK File Information

  • App Version: 3.5.3
  • Package:
  • File Size: 13.7 MB
  • Android Version Supported: 2.3 or higher
  • Supported DPIs: nodpi
  • Status: Working

Download iRoot APK Latest Version

Click on the link below to download the latest version of iRoot APK app.


How to Root Android Device with iRoot App

After successfully downloading the iRoot APK file, you’ll need to install and launch it on your Android device. Once the iRoot App has been launched, enable “USB Debugging”. From the iRoot App, just tap on the “Root” button which will start the rooting procedure. Exercise patience while your device is being rooted.

It is important to know that rooting your Android device will void any warranty you have on it. There is no going back once you root your Android smartphone with iRoot App, so make sure you’re ready for the consequences that come with it. I believe by now you know how to download and root Android devices with iRoot App.

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