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Must Have: Top Best Apps for VOIP and SIP calls

Top best Apps you need for VOIP and SIP calls

Top best apps for VOIP and SIP calls: Gone are those days when we depend solely on our mobile network provider for voice calls and SMS. These days, there are lots of Apps that lets you make voice calls and send unlimited voice messages. With WiFi or internet data we can now call our loved ones anywhere in the world. Some of these apps allow video calls as well, so you can see the person you talking with in real-time.

Top Best Apps for VOIP and SIP calls

Technology is not what it used to be, as we can now call friends and family, even when we are out of airtime. Making calls with these apps is cheaper, easier and more efficient. Here are my Top best apps for VOIP and SIP calls

1. WhatsApp

Rated as the fastest growing messaging app, it is no fluke that WhatsApp is placed #1 on the list of best apps for VOIP and SIP calls. It is the most popular messaging platform, with more than a billion downloads on the Google Play store and hundreds of millions of active users. WhatsApp is fast, secure and safe, not just that, it’s also a rock-solid platform with massive popularity. 9 out of 10 of your friends are probably using WhatsApp, and with the new update you can make video calls and post “Stories”.

2. Skype

skype is known all over the world as an app for making video calls, and no doubt one of the best apps for VOIP and SIP calls. If you are not on Skype yet, then I’m guessing you should have heard about it before now. It is the most popular VOIP right now and very easy to use. It supports text messages, voice calls, video calls and landline calls with a nominal fee.

3. Facebook Messenger

Another win for Mark Zuckerberg, this app was primarily designed for text messages. But subsequent updates enabled the app to support video calls, voice calls, and SMS text messages as well. The App file size is large, but it already has gotten over a billion download on the Google Play store, so I think that’s not a problem. I mean, who is not on Facebook in 2017? This app lets you get in touch with friends with through text, voice or video calls.

4. Google Duo

This App is a new app from Google that let users get in touch via voice and video calls. Google is trying to pre-install the app on the new version of Android devices. It is also available on the Apple Store for iOS users. You have to get your friends and family to get the app, to be able to text and call them even on video.

5. Google Hangouts

Works exactly like Facebook and was initially built solely for sending texts and pictures. But new updates brought in support for both voice, group and video calls. Although, Google Duo is perfect for voice and video calls, Google Hangouts has the total package.

6. magicApp

Unlike other Apps listed above, magicApp is not free. It costs $9.99 a year and you get to have an actual phone number to use. There’s a support for calling landlines and sending SMS. You also get unlimited calls to Canada and US numbers, unlimited texts to any US phone number. It works on both PC and mobile and it is simply magical.

7. Signal Private Messenger

If you really value your privacy then go for this app, it has tight security, encryption, and privacy features. Just like WhatsApp, it works with your existing phone number and contact list. It supports text as well as voice calls in a very secure App.

8. Viber Messenger

This App features a full-fledged chat service, voice and video calls. You can also send files, including photos and videos. There are public chats, stickers, file attachments, and they are mostly free to use. Except for the stickers which cost a little bit of money.

9. IMO

This video calling app tried everything to take over from Skype. But there was something about the video quality that couldn’t compete with the App from Estonia. Nevertheless, IMO has been a household name of recent, offering a chat service, voice and video calls. You can also send photos, videos and other files to your friends and loved ones if they are on IMO.

10. Zoiper

This app offers free calls using the internet, and is one of the few VOIP and SIP apps left. It has Bluetooth support and allows clear calls even when the data connection signal is bad. A very good SIP app, if you want video calls then be ready to pay a little money to get the feature.

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