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Second-gen LPDDR4X chips with 16GB capacity unveiled by Samsung

Samsung unveiled the LPDDR4X RAM after introducing the LPDDR5 RAM chip months ago. The new 4X chips will deliver 4266MB speed per second. The LPDDR4X has a 16GB capacity, which is about 2GB per chip. It’s far better than the 1GB per chip on the LPDDR5 with its 8GB capacity.

On the LPDDR4X only four chips of them are needed for the 8GB package that Samsung created, compared to the LPDDR5 which needs eight chips for that capacity. Furthermore, the second-gen LPDDR4X uses 10% less power than the first-gen and the new 8GB package.

Second-gen LPDDR4X chips-4x chips

It’s also 20% thinner than the one using the older 4X chips. This is mainly because of the improved 10nm process node, which of course, will increase power efficiency.

The new LPDDR4X RAM is expected to debut on smartphones from the first quarter of 2019. Samsung will also make sure there’s 4GB and 6GB packages, this will give OEMs lots of options to choose from. Hopefully, the first smartphone with 10GB of RAM will debut in 2019.

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