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SIM Card Lock on Android: How to Set It Up to Protect Sensitive Information

In this post, I will be showing you can you can set up a sim card lock on Android without any hassle. The thought of securing your phone against unauthorized access necessitated the use of a file encryption system, the likes of numerical passcodes, face ID, fingerprint and other third-party applications which basically do not extend the safety measures to information on the SIM card.

SIM Card Lock on Android: What you need to know

Traditionally, the SIM lock safety technique has long been given limited attention by Android users despite it being around for ages. Taking your device security precautions a step further, you might want to consider this tremendous tool as an additional level of protection against criminals or other ugly scenarios, such as having your phone stolen or lost.

SIM lock allows you to curtail any unwarranted access to your precious information like your phone number, security data, and other billing information or data plans. Most importantly, for anyone to access your device, the individual must know several codes, PIN, password, or the particular biometric pattern of your fingerprint, and this means, that either of the security techniques will now work hand-in-hand with SIM lock before the phone can be opened.

This makes it a two-way authentication process. Mind you, SIM cards always have this default PIN (0000 or 1111) as well as PUK (PIN Unlock Key); extra care is required here so as not to have your card locked entirely. Today’s how-to article will walk you through the steps to set up a SIM lock on your device.

Setting up The SIM Lock on Your Android

  • From your Phone Menu, go to “Settings”.
  • Locate and tap on “Security”.
  • Tap on “Set up SIM card lock.”
  • Enter the default SIM card PIN in the dialogue box, usually 0000 or 1111.
  • You can enable the settings to “Lock SIM card” and request a PIN to access the device or otherwise.
  • Note that you only have 3 tries for proper set-up of the card lock.
  • Proceed to change the default SIM card PIN to your preferred one that you can easily recollect when you need to use it.
  • Click on “Change SIM PIN”.
  • It will prompt you to enter the old/default SIM PIN; do that and then, press Ok.
  • Now enter the new SIM PIN.
  • After that, confirm your new four-digit PIN and press “OK”.

Alternatively, get to the settings menu on your device by pulling down the notification pane and then, click on the cogwheel icon. This method involves the use of the search tool from the settings menu, found at the top right corner. Type “SIM Lock” in the dialogue box; it will appear immediately if it is available on your device. Click on the “Set up SIM card lock” option; this will get you into the SIM lock menu.

You’ll now be prompted to enter the default SIM PIN while showing the number of attempts you have left. The default still remains 0000 or 1111; however, in case this does not work, then you will have to contact your carrier to figure out the particular combination. After this, the SIM Lock will be switched on, and now you can change the SIM PIN to your choice digits. Enter the old/default PIN and then, enter the new easy-to-remember SIM PIN.

It will prompt you to re-enter for confirmation purposes, do that and finally exit the window. Note that there are only 3 attempts for PIN entry if you forget your digits. Henceforth, your device now runs a two-way authentication: Your main screen locks security and the SIM PIN before anyone can gain entry into your phone. And this is one heck of a robust safety measure you can always rely on if you ask me.

Tijani Mustapha
Tijani Mustapha
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