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Tinder Plus APK Download Latest Version for Android

Tinder just got better with the latest version of the app. Among the several online platforms available for dating, Tinder remains the world’s biggest online Android dating app with a large percentage of the overall dating application users globally — a feat made a reality with the advent of the Internet and its ever-dynamic presence. Tinder plus APK provides the very best avenue for you to meet that perfect girl of your dreams, but it is not limited to that as you also get the chance to become the best dating partner as this app helps to up your dating game.

Gender restraints are totally not applicable to this app; that is to say, both genders can access the app at their convenience and at whatever location they chose. Basically, the app was purposely built for Android operating system, with its quick couples matching features and other fantastic offerings, making it a convenient way for users to fulfil their love search either nearby or in an entirely different geographical location. So, the location barrier is not an issue here, thus living you with a wide scope of coverage to explore.

Tinder Plus APK

Every single out there can now calm their minds as the solution is right here, and ending their lone, forlorn life is just a handful clicks away. By following the steps provided here, you will be able to download Tinder Plus APK at zero cost and also get to enjoy in totality the fantastic features that come with the premium version. All for free.

Tinder File Information

  • Application Name: Tinder Plus APK
  • Size of APK: 19.4Mb
  • Version: v10.8.1
  • Updated On: March 7, 2019
  • Required: Android v4.1 and up

How to Download Tinder Plus APK on Your Android

Take note of the above file information to download the right app on your device. Follow the steps highlighted below.

  • Ensure you have a functional and stable internet connection with good speed or a Wi-Fi as an alternative.
  • Have a good browser installed on your devices, like Google Chrome and UC browsers.
  • Provide enough storage space for the download and avoid multitasking.
  • Do a quick search on Google to download the APK on your smartphone.
  • Wait for your device to complete the download process.

How to Install Tinder Plus Apk on Your Android Device

  • Disable the internet connection on your phone and close every app running in the background.
  • Click on the downloaded file either in your file manager or your browser’s download submenu.
  • Agree to all terms and tap the install button to proceed. Wait till it’s done
  • Finally, hit done.

You can begin to enjoy the app immediately firstly by enabling your internet connection and closing every app running in the background. Then, go ahead and open the app. Lastly, log in with your Facebook account, and you are in.

Cool features of Tinder Plus APK

  • Swipe: this is the prime feature of Tinder app which allows swiping through a would-be mate to figure out whether the mate suits your taste. To like the profile of a likely match and swipe left to keep searching.
  • Location change: if you fall among the categories of those who are always in transit, then you are just on your way to make a new match.
  • Action reversal: this allows you to undo your past swipes to suit your interest.
  • Get unlimited likes: enhance your profile to look more appealing to other users.
  • Facebook and Instagram link: Having a profile becomes a swift process through these integrations. Meaning, you do not have to create a fresh profile.
  • Premium features: you get all the features requiring payment for free.
  • User-friendly interface

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Tijani Mustapha
Tijani Mustapha
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