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How to Use WhatsApp Business

In recent times, you might have observed that companies prefer using your mobile number for connecting with you with WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp Business has become an effective yet simple tool to connect to customers directly. No matter whether you own a start-up, a small company or a big one, WhatsApp Business will always prove to be helpful for staying in touch with the customers. Here are a few ways to use WhatsApp Business effectively for boosting the sales and services of your company.

1. Create a business profile

Unlike your personal WhatsApp account, your WhatsApp Business profile should talk all about your business. For a professional-looking WhatsApp Business profile, set the display picture with the logo of the company and on other information, provide an email address, locations, working hours and useful logo.

2. Colour code the labels

A huge amount of conversation with the customers will definitely lead to chaos. WhatsApp Business allows you to colour code all the active conversations. Colour coding the conversation will help you to organize the conversation properly and will save your time in mentally searching for a single conversation.

3. Set a greeting

When a customer starts a chat on your WhatsApp Business, they should receive a default greeting message. This is like providing them with a warm welcome before beginning an actual conversation.

4. Set away messages

Sometimes, a customer might end up texting beyond office hours. Instead of leaving a blank message, set an away message indicating that the working hours are over and you will get back to them once the working hour starts. Having both a greeting and a set away message is important to instantly provide assurance to the customer that a real person will soon be talking to them.

5. Save time with quick replies

If you are dealing with a service-based company, you might frequently be asked the same question over and over again by different customers. Instead of replying manually to the frequently asked questions, save frequently used responses to save time. Crafting quick replies will take some time only once, but then on all the subsequent queries, you will save both time and energy.

6. Always respond within a day

Most of the customers prefer getting an answer back in the very first hour. Studies have shown that quick replies increases customer satisfaction and pushes customers to buy products and services readily. If you are unable to answer the query within an hour, at least make sure that you reach back to them within 24 hours to avoid losing them.

7. Share WhatsApp Status

Just like you share WhatsApp Status on your personal WhatsApp account, it is important to share statuses on WhatsApp Business to showcase your new products and services and keep the users engaged. Even if you have nothing new to share, you can actually statuses about quotes related to your niche. For instance, if you are a motivational speaker with a WhatsApp business account, you can share Attitude Status to keep your customers motivated. The WhatsApp status can be used to reach a broad audience.

8. Take advantage of different message formats available

Gone are the days where a simple textual message would have sufficed. Now there are many innovative ways to stay in touch and one should utilize these opportunities to create more potential. For instance, if a customer is struggling in operating a product that they have purchased from you, instead of sending a long text explaining the right method to do it, share a video tutorial for it that is easy to understand and will solve the problem right away.

9. Use WhatsApp chatbots

If you have access to the WhatsApp Business API, investing in a chatbot for your WhatsApp Business icon would be extremely helpful. A chatbot can immediately solve the frequently asked queries and questions immediately without your intervention, saving both your time and energy. The best part is that the customer will immediately receive a reply,

10. Share your brochure

If a customer enquiries about a product, not only provide information about that product but also send them a PDF copy of all the other items which are available in your store in the form of a brochure. They might end up buying more products from the brochure.

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