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Download Viva Video App For Android and iPhone – A Video & Photo Editor

Before now, editing photos and videos have always been done on a PC as the PC hardware is very well capable of handling various video editing needs like encoding and things like that. However, over the years, smartphones have gotten really powerful that you can now do some pretty demanding stuff you could only do on PC on your phone with nice results. One of which is video editing which many people are now doing on their smartphones these days. Before we begin, we would just like to point out that video editing on smartphones can never compare to that of a PC, at least not yet.

Viva Video App

Now, if you’re looking for that app to edit your videos on your smartphone then look no further than Viva Video – Arguably the best video editor on mobile right now. Best part? It is available on both the Android and iOS platform. Viva Video is your one-stop app for all these video editings on your smartphone. The app literally Transforms your to a professional video editor thanks to its never-ending list of features. The app has over 100M+ Downloads on the Google Play and almost that on the Apple App store with over 10M+ active users in its community. You just can’t go wrong with Viva Video Editing App.

With Viva video, you can create professional looking videos with things like special effects, filters, stickers, animated clips and even add subtitles to your videos just to name a few of its Features. If you’re a video editor beforehand then you’d definitely love and cherish the features available on the Viva Video app and if you’re just getting into video editing, you’ll also enjoy the Viva Video app as it has a very clean, neat and easy to use User Interface. The App is also free to download on both the Google Play store for Android and Apple App store for iOS, weighing about 50MB in size.

If you’re new to video editing and just want to play around with it then you can do that for free. However, some features of the app have to be purchased which isn’t that big of a deal and isn’t a must you purchase it. You can make use of the free features until you get to the professional level where you need those extra features then you can purchase those extra features. As I said, the App is free to download on both Android and iOS, you can head straight to your respective app stores and Download the app or you can click on the link below to download the app for your phone.

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