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How to Watch BBNaija 2023 Live on DStv, GOtv, PC & Phone

A complete guide on How to Watch BBNaija Live

BBNaija 2023 Season 8 is starting soon and here is a guide on how to watch Big Brother Naija Season 8 live on your mobile phone, PC, DStv, and GOtv.

If you like to watch Big Brother Naija 2023 on your phone, DStv, GOtv, and other cable TVs, this post serves to show how to do so.

You will also get to know when BBNaija Season 8 is starting on TV? that is the date and time BBNaija Season will begin airing and all the contestants for this year can be monitored via phone and cable TV.

Big Brother Naija reality show is a TV show based on the Big Brother TV series and there are 20 contestants competing for the grand prize of an SUV and N90 million worth of prizes. The contestants who will be able to avoid eviction throughout the show will be crowned the overall winner. The winner will be determined through voting.

Big Brother Naija 2023 will be Hosted By Ebuka Obi-Uchendu

This follows the successful hosting of the well-acclaimed 7th edition of Big Brother Naija where the winner smiled home with the whopping sum of N90 Million prize money and an SUV after three months in the Big Brother house.

The Launch of Big brother Nigeria will be coming up soon. You can follow the event live on your DStv Africa Magic Showcase on Channel 151, Africa Magic Urban, Channel 153, and Africa Magic Family.

If you are using a GOtv, there is a dedicated channel for the Season Four of the Big Brother Nigerian Show. It is on Channel 29. Meanwhile, you can still watch the launch event live on GOtv Channel 2-that is Africa Magic Family

The time is 19:00 WAT, which is 7:00 PM Nigerian time.

watch big brother Naija

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How to Watch BBNaija Season 8 Live on DStv and GOtv

For those that will love to watch BBNaija 2023 live on the go from mobile phone and Laptop, you can watch the major highlight on DSTV Now App which is available on Android and iOS platforms.

If you are a GOtv subscriber, you can watch the Big Brother Naija Reality show live on Africa Magic World, GOtv channel 10, and GOtv Nigeria channel 29.

For DStv subscribers, you can also watch it live on DStv channel 198, AfricaMagic Urban, channel 153, and AfricaMagic Showcase on Channel 151

Also, if you have a drifter installed on your mobile phone, you can watch the show live with your DStv channel 198.

How to Watch BBNaija 2023 Online via DStv Now

Do you know you can also watch the show online on your laptop? Below is how to watch it live

  1. Visit on a browser on your laptop. create a DSTV connect ID then, log in with your DStv Connect ID. You will also need your smart card number to create the ID
  2. After that click on the Live TV menu to reveal a list of TV channels available for streaming, Scroll down to Big Brother Naija Season 5 Live Broadcast.
  3. Finally, Click on it to watch Live

How to Watch BBNaija on Phone

Alternatively, if you don’t have a laptop, you can watch it on your mobile phone by downloading the DStv Now App. It is available for Android and iOS.

Dstv Now App

Just like the step above, you will have to create a DSTV Connect ID. You will need your smart card number to create the ID. Click on the DStv Now Menu icon to reveal a list of TV channels available for streaming.

Time to watch BBNaija 2023 live on Dstv in Nigeria and South Africa

The 7th Edition of the 2023 Big Brother Naija show will commence soon and will be broadcast live on Big Brother Nigeria Channel 29 on GOTV and Channel 151 and Channel 153 on DTSV. The time is 7:00 PM.

Please note that you must have an active subscription before you can watch the show live. Renew your GOtv with the GOTV Plus plan in order to watch it live.

Also if you miss the show on Sunday, there is a chance for you to watch it again during the week

The Daily shows for Big Brother Naija Reality show come up Mondays-Fridays

  • The time is 8:30 pm (WAT) on AfricaMagic Showcase
  • 10 pm (WAT) on AfricaMagic Urban and AfricaMagic World

The Weekly show comes on Fridays and TIME is 7 pm (WAT) on AfricaMagic Showcase, AfricaMagic Urban, and AfricaMagic.

The Nomination show for Big Brother Naija Reality show is on Mondays.

  • Time is on at 7 pm (WAT) on AfricaMagic Showcase, AfricaMagic Urban, and AfricaMagic World.

Eviction shows are held every Sunday and the time is 7 pm on the channels above.

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  1. Will BBNija be wired on DStv in 2019 edition like that of ,2018. Also when shall we expect 2019 edition to start?

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  3. If i use my DSTV smart code on to my PC to watch big brother Naija,will my monthly payment remain the same or they will increase it?i need this answer as soon as possible.

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