Friday, July 12, 2024
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YouTube Launches Instagram-like Handles for Video Creators and Viewers

YouTube’s long-awaited new feature, known as YouTube Handles, is now available to users. Now, a distinctive “@name” handle will show on your user profile on YouTube, just like it does on other social applications like Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

YouTube Handles, which appear in the form “@name,” are unique identifiers for channels. For example, if we had a YouTube channel, the handle would be“@techblet.” For many years, Vloggers have been outraged about impersonators because you can give your channel any name you choose on YouTube, which means that anyone else can have the same name for their channel. This is why YouTube Handles are a good development, as they will be distinct from channel names. This eliminates impersonation and makes it simple to verify that you’re interacting with or streaming the right channel.

Every channel, whether you’re a creator or a viewer, will have its own handle. Your handle will also serve as the new YouTube URL for your channel.

If you already have a personalized YouTube URL, then that URL will be converted into your channel’s handle automatically. This applies to the majority of channels. You can, however, select a new handle for your channel as long as somebody else isn’t already using it.

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