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10 best personal health record apps for medical monitoring

10 best personal health record apps for medical monitoring

In this post, I will list the 10 best personal health record apps for your medical monitoring. Personal health is very important in our everyday lives, just like the popular saying “health is wealth”. If waking up in the morning and brushing our teeth before eating breakfast is a daily routine. Then monitoring your personal health record daily shouldn’t be a problem.

There are lots of personal health record apps on your App store that can be used for a medical checkup. With these Apps you can easily track health conditions for yourself, your kids and ageing loved ones. Below is my list of the 10 best personal health record apps for medical monitoring.

1. 5Star Medical Alert

Just like the name suggests, this App is top notch and a chart-topping medical alert system. It is available on both Google Play Store and iTunes Store. This app helps whenever you are under any critical health predicament, anytime and anywhere you are. This personal safety app grants you immediate access to expert Certified Response Agents.

・Urgent Response certified by the famous John Walsh
・Support for more than 100 languages
・You get direct contacts to efficient doctors, health providers and nurse.
・Allows conference calls with family and friends
・Brings together medical records and conditions of users to agents
・Tracks users by their GPS location for emergency services

2. MedCoach

This is one of the most powerful health record apps and serves as a Medical Coach like the name suggests. It no doubt deserves a mention among the 10 best personal health record apps for medical monitoring. It also helps to remind you when to change dosages of multiple medicines. The App can be downloaded on both Android and iOS-based devices.

・Let you schedule medications
・Send reminders when scheduled
・Register medicines taken on time
・Automatically reminds you to refill prescriptions
・Connect to the pharmacy
・Detailed information of drugs
・Helps maintain list of all medications for the doctor

3. iTriageHealth

This App has a unique search tool that helps find healthcare, doctors and medicines around you using your current geo-location. Millions of users are using this App to get amazing healthcare. iTriage Health is available on the Google Play Store and iTunes Store.

・Helps find it all: From proprietary symptoms, apposite treatment, to healthcare provider
・See all registered physicians and doctors with the iTriage Doctor Search tool
・Lots of information related to medical symptoms, conditions, diseases, medications
・See all healthcare facilities, hospital, emergency rooms and care, clinics and pharmacies and other health centres

4. Urgent Care

This App helps check your personal health care records and provides urgent care for you. Providing instant access to emergency health care providers around your area and also monitor your health before they arrive. The App tells you what to do in the events you are having cold and flu, stomach infections, urinary tract infection and other feminine symptoms.

・Live consultation with a registered nurse
・Help you book a certified doctor around the clock through the nurse
・The Doctor will diagnose, analyze, advise treatments on the basis of your health predicament, through phone call
・Doctor will prescribe medications if required
・Responsive symptom checker tool to monitor symptoms on your own
・Full list of symptoms from Medical Dictionary and Medical Encyclopedia
・Support for Spanish translation

5. Digifit iCardio

Fit and cardio together in a name, what do you think? This App helps keep you hearty, healthy, fit and happy, offering workout reports and charts. This medical alert system, will get you up and running and make sure you are always fit. It is only accessible to Apple devices, and not compatible with Android phones.

・Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and GPS
・Built-in Pedometer monitors time, distance and speed
・Support for voice feedback
・Workout reports and charts
・Share reports via email, Facebook, Twitter etc
・Share data with multiple wearable devices

6. MediSafe

This app gives you reminders and all information related to medications. It is very easy to use unlike others, and available on both Google Play store and iTunes store.

・Track progress and share
・Offers Rx refill before it finishes
・Get discounts with latest coupons on medicines
・Record and sync measurements with the HealthKit option. Especially for blood glucose, pulse, weight, blood pressure, temperature etc.

7. iBiomed

Another good medical App, iBiomed helps in sharing your medical data with other caregivers, doctors and nurse right from the app. There are also reports in graphs for easy viewing of progresses after medication.

・Medicine reminders
・Medicine supply and refill tracker
・Daily journals of health conditions and symptoms.

8. Personal Caregiver

This App has lots of novel reviews, thanks to the experts on the app providing comprehensive healthcare solutions. Its team of ‘Personal Health Assistants’ knows all, from medical bills to insurance-related problems.

・Loud notification alarms
・Support for unlimited medication lists
・Unlimited reminders
・Reminds of missed dose
・Extensive drug database of more than 17,000
・All drugs are available including prescription, herbal, and over-the-counter

9. Freeletics Gym

The App helps you workout from home, a little cardio daily won’t hurt anybody. The exercises the App displays isn’t more than 20 minutes daily.

・Arranges your daily workout programmes accordingly
・Check progress
・Know how many calories you burned

10. Pain Care

The App helps take care of all your medical pains and relieves you from them. The award-winning healthcare app is available on Android and iOS devices.

・Helps track chronic pain
・Monitor symptoms, medications, and all side effects of each medicine.
・Helps create and maintain medical journal to detect the cause of pains and other ailments


Personal health is very important in our everyday lives, just like the popular saying “health is wealth”. Which of the 10 best personal health record apps for medical monitoring do you currently use and why?

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