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5 Best PutLocker Alternatives to watch movies for free

Putlocker has been the go-to choice for free movie streaming in the past and the reason for that isn’t far-fetched – the site is free, no sign up is required and they don’t bombard its users with adds like the other streaming websites. On top of all that, it doesn’t require adobe plugin, has a very good buffering speed and most importantly, it has a wide range of movies and TV Grouped into different genres which includes but not limited to Action, Crime, Kids, Horror and a whole lot more. Unfortunately, Putlocker has been shut down which means we have to look for the very best Putlocker alternatives which can offer all, or at least most of the features Putlocker had. We’ve done the hard work for you and came up with these alternatives.

5 Best PutLocker Alternatives

1. SolarMovie

The best sites for online movies and TV shows streaming often comes with ads which is understandable and they have to monetise the website. However, some of these websites tend to overdo it. SolarMovie being one of those websites. Asides the ads, the website is generally a very good website for streaming movies and TV shows and can compete with Putlocker. The User Interface of the website is neat and users can navigate easily. There is also a search button if you have a movie or TV show you would like to search for. Movies and TV shows on the website have been categorised by genre, countries etc in order to make finding that Movie or TV show a lot easier. They also have a huge database of movies and TV shows available and more is being added frequently. After Putlocker, SolarMovie is the next website that comes to mind.

2. Niter

Niter is another good alternative to Putlocker. The website features a very similar layout and design to Netflix which makes it all the more easier to navigate through the website, especially if you’ve visited or know your way around Netflix. Unlike SolarMovie, Niter doesn’t display a lot of ads and has a very decent amount of movies and TV shows on their website. Like almost every other streaming websites out there, Niter has a search button bar you can use to search for specific Movies or TV shows or you access the difference genres available. You can also navigate to the newly added section to see the latest Movies and TV shows.

3. 1337x

1337x doesn’t necessarily qualify for the best Putlocker alternatives award and is more of torrent site which is meant for people who would like to download their movies using torrents. However, 1337x has a huge database of latest and updated movies and TV shows of different genres to choose from. This is thanks to the fact that it indexes other torrent websites to make it a collection of movies and TV shows even bigger. Asides from TV shows and Movies, you can also download Apps, Games and a whole lot of other files from 1337x.

4. All123Movies

This list of best Putlocker alternatives won’t be complete without All123movies. All123movies is a new streaming website which is somewhat inspired by but not related to the original 123movies website. However, All123Movies has much more movies than the aforementioned. The website is pretty neat and straightforward. You either browser the just updated section for new and hot movies and TV shows or just access the genre section to choose a genre of movies/TV shows you like to browse the collections in the genre. You also bookmark a movie you’re watching and pick up later exactly where you left off. Each movie/TV shows also has a number of views it has gotten on the platform so as to help you know which people favourite the most.

5. GoMovies

GoMovies is the is similar to the above All123movies as they both share the same database of movies and TV shows. So it should be used as an alternative to All123Movies or if for some reason you don’t like the user interface of All123Movies. Nevertheless, you can be rest assured that all the contents Available on All123Movies are also Available here.

There you have it, the top 5 best Putlocker alternatives you can use to stream your favourite movies and TV shows.

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