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5 Best Storage Space Cleaners For Android

In this article, we shall be taking a look at the best Storage Space Cleaners For Android especially for those who do not have enough storage space on their Android devices. Storage space on a smartphone, not just Android is something we all take seriously which is why most people go the maxed out storage options when getting a smartphone now that MicroSD card slots are starting to become obsolete.

Some others, like me, tend to go for a smartphone with a MicroSD card slot so we can expand storage when the inbuilt one isn’t enough. Regardless of the Android smartphone you have – one with or without a microSD card slot – it always gets filled up at some point and sometimes we know exactly what fills them up and some other times, we don’t.

Now, if you have many files on your Android device then that’s likely the reason why your “storage space is running out” and causing your phone not to function properly. In this case, you’ll definitely have to delete some files in order to free up some storage space. However, if you don’t have that many files and still your storage space is filled up then we are looking at junk and/or cache files. Locating and delete junk/cache files can be tiring but thankfully, we have apps that can automatically do that for you. So without further ado, these are the best storage space cleaners for your android device.

Best Storage Space Cleaners For Android

1. Avast CleanUp & Boost

Avast Cleanup

Avast CleanUp & Boost is part of the avast suite which includes the famous Avast Antivirus. The app does exactly what it says as it cleans up your storage and provides you with more storage space. It also boosts the performance of your phone by clearing apps from your RAM and also conserves battery life by stopping background running apps. You can also set the app to do the cleaning periodically like every 24 or 48hrs. It also shows you details on your storage and battery with things you can do to better optimise them.

  • Download Avast CleanUp & Boost Here

2. CCleaner


CCleaner is perhaps the most popular and also among the best storage cleaner apps for Android. The app has over 50M+ downloads with a good 4.5 out 5 ratings. CCleaner is known for three things; It is a Cache Cleaner, RAM Cleaner and Booster. With CCleaner, you get to see what each category is taking up from your storage space and do something about it. For unused app, to hidden and visible caches and also app data among others. You can also mark all the files you want to clean/delete and do it in just one click. The app weighs just 12MB in size and does the job excellently.

  • Download CCleaner Here

3. Clean Master

Clean Master

Clean Master isn’t just a storage space cleaner as it does more than that. It is also an antivirus, although I wouldn’t trust its virus-fighting capabilities, and also an app lock which you can use to lock your apps. So if you’re looking for more than a storage space cleaner ap then,  this right here is for you. It is also popular with over a billion downloads and a good 4.7 out of 5 ratings which is among the best on the Google Play store when it comes to storage space cleaners. If its 20MB size is too much for you to download them you can opt for the Clean Master Lite which is just 4.9MB in size, specially made for low-end devices with all of its major features.

  • Download Clean Master Here

4. Nox Cleaner

Nox Cleaner

Nox Cleaner like every other cleaner on this list has the Cache Cleaner and RAM cleaner. It also has a good antivirus and security feature for the protection of your device. There is also a battery optimiser/saver for a longer-lasting battery. One of my favourites features of this Nox Cleaner is the temperature reduction feature which reduces the temperature of your device by stopping all tasks being carried out on your device. This is good when your device is starting to get a little bit too hot.

  • Download Nox Cleaner Here

5. Power Cleaner

Power Clean from lionmobi developers is also among the best storage space cleaners for Android and a good storage cleaner app with all the basics features you would expect in a cleaner app like cache cleaner, RAM cleaner, performance booster, battery optimizer and all. However, the only reason I like this app is its size. With just 6.0MB in size, it is lightweight and can fit into any device without the device even knowing it is there. If you are having storage problems then you probably don’t want install yet another big app which just makes this app perfect for such occasions.

  • Download Power Clean Here


If you are planning to get an efficient storage cleaner for your Android phone, the apps we listed above will come in handy in helping to clean all forms of chunks and cache on your device

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