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5 Best Video Chat Apps for Android

In this post, we will consider the five best video chat apps available on Android and what makes them truly in the top 5. The world today has gone magically that we have gotten used to the miracles we see. They were days communicating with a family member took weeks and months for the letters to come back and forth. Now we have phones and in a minute, we can speak to someone in far away Asia without the help of a middleman or post office.

The internet has completely revolutionized the way the world has become. The world is now a global village with the presence of the internet; anyone can stay in one place and know exactly what is happening around the world with the use of a simple mobile device. Someone who passed away some years ago will think we are in a Sci-fi movie if he wakes up to the current technological advancements of this century.

Video call is one of these high technological advancements that has completely changed the way we communicate. Today, with the tap of an app, we can see people clearly and hear them clearly through video chats. However, this was made possible through video chat apps. Here are 5 of the best video call apps you can find on android right now:

5 Best Video Chat Apps for Android

1. Skype

Skype is the King of video chat. whenever we think of video chat, Skype comes to mind. This app has been used by several companies for interviews and most people actually think it is the only app available for video chats. Even though Skype is most popular as a system app, it is also very useful on the Android platform and is one of the best Video Chat Apps.

skype-Best Video Chat Apps
skype is free to download has more than a billion downloads on the play store already. The app comes with lots of additional features like voice messages, emoticons, emojis, text chats and lots more. Another cool feature of Skype is that it can be used to connect to more than 25 persons in a call. Talk about connectivity!

Download Skype for Android:

2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook has literally forced us to download the facebook messenger and trust the tech giants to give you the best so as to keep you. The facebook messenger is not just for sending and receiving Facebook messages, it is very valuable for video chat too and is one of the quality Best Video Chat Apps for Android.

Facebook Messenger
The app is available for free on Android and it can be used for making group video calls, sending stickers and GIFS, sending emojis and also sending text chats.

Download facebook messenger for android here:

3. Google Duo

Tech giants Google also have an app for video chatting. This app was specially made for video call and it does that with a high degree of clarity and transmission. The interface of Google Duo brings video calls to the forefront.

Google Duo

You can log in and verify your number in a few minutes and boom, you can connect to other users ASAP!
The app has a Knock Knock feature that lets you see what someone is up to before you answer the video call. The app can work between Android and iOS, this makes it a cross-platform app.

Download Google Duo here:

4. Imo

Imo has been with us over time. It is both and chat and a video calling platform. The video call is of very high quality and can compete with every other app on this list. It has a wide range compatibility for 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE networks; this helps you make video calls even in the worst network or remote areas.


It is also a cross-platform app and can be used between Android and iOS users. You can equally make group calls, send stickers and share photos with this very powerful app. It is highly encrypted, this means that your calls are highly protected. However, you will need to deal with some advert pop-ups.

Download Imo here:

5. Viber

Viber has been at the top for a while too and has also been available on the Android platform since inception. This is one app that has seen lots of upgrade from when it was first published. It is equally a cross-platform app and can work well between Android, Apple and Windows phones.

Viber has a very nice interface and doing a video call is as simple with a click of the camera icon when it is opened. It is also a secure app and encrypts all text, messages, video and video calls. You can also use the video chat to play games with friends, share files and follow friends.

Download Viber for Android here:

Other notable mentions

  • Whatsapp
  • JusTalk
  • Google Hangouts
  • LINE
  • Tango

There you have it again, here goes our top 5 list of the Best Video Chat Apps. These apps will save you lots of cash in international calls and will make your relationships grow stronger. Imagine using video call to check on your children daily if you work out of town. Do well to check other valuable posts fro phonecorridor.

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