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5 Simple Ways to Spy on Boyfriend’s Phone

Have you ever felt that your boyfriend is cheating on you and needs to keep an eye on him?

Well, you are not alone as there are millions of girls who want to monitor every activity of their boyfriend. Asking for their phone every time you find something suspicious is not gonna work for a long time.

So, what can you do to solve this problem? Today we are going to tell you 5 simple ways to spy on Boyfriends’ phone without letting him know about it. These ways do not need any type of technical knowledge and can be used by anyone in a few minutes.

We know that you would not want to harm their phone and that’s why we have made a list of apps that do not need any jailbreak or phone root for the process.


Spyine is one of the best applications that provide device monitoring solutions. You can monitor all their activities without letting them know about it. It contains all the features that you need to access their messages, pictures, location, etc. Spyine can become the secret spy your boyfriend won’t notice and do wonders for you.


It works by syncing their device with your online account and all the data is transferred when they are connected to the internet.

This way, you can easily know what they are doing and who they are meeting in person with their location. It comes with the stealth mode that hides the application logo and keeps monitoring a secret activity.

Features of Spyine App

Whatsapp Spy: This feature will help you monitor the WhatsApp account of your boyfriend without touching his phone even for once.

Snapchat Spy: As the name suggests, this feature helps in retrieving the Snapchat Account data from the targeted device of your partner.

Location Track: You can track your Boyfriend’s location with this amazing tool. You can also check their Sim location in case they are not active on the internet.

Call Logs: This feature will let you check all the call logs of the targeted device. The most interesting thing is that you can easily record their call with anyone with a single click.

You can view more on Spyine website and all these features should be more than enough to help you track your boyfriend’s activities.

How to Spy on Your Boyfriend with Spyine

Anyone can use this platform without facing any difficulties in registration. You can get started by following these 3 steps:

  1. Create an account on their official website and choose a subscription plan for your account.
  2. Sync your boyfriend’s phone by installing the Spyine application in their device or by verifying their iCloud account with the credentials.
  3. Log in to your account and click on the dashboard. There, you will fill all the features that we have discussed in this article. Simply click on the feature that you want and retrieve the data into your account.


Spyier is another amazing phone monitoring application that has been helping people to spy on their boyfriends or close friends with their stealth mode feature.

It is one of the best solutions for those having zero technical knowledge as it will walk you through all the steps in the easiest way possible.


You can start monitoring the device of your boyfriend within a minute or two with the help of this platform. This is the reason why this app is recognized by Forbes, Android Authority, CNET, TechRadar, etc.

Major Features of the Spyier Platform

Whatsapp Spy: Spy on your boyfriend’s smartphone with the help of the “Whatsapp spy” feature of Spyier platform. You can check their chats or their WhatsApp contacts with this tool.

Call Logs: Get all the call logs of the targeted device with this tool. You can also record the ongoing call by using this feature.

Stealth Mode: This feature will help you stay anonymous and the targeted person will never find out that they are being monitored.

How to Use Spyier

Just create an account on their platform and verify the targeted device by installing the application in their device. Then, you can check all their data by going to the dashboard of the website.


Minspy is another Exciting Spy app that lets you monitor the activities of your boyfriend. No matter if you have access to their phone or not, this app has a solution for you.

You can connect their phone to your online account by entering their iCloud credentials to verify their phone.


Features of the Minspy platform

Whatsapp Spy: It lets you spy on the targeted person by staying anonymous all the time.

Snapchat Spy: You can also have full access to their Snapchat account and check their contacts on this social media platform.

Location Monitoring: Keep the trace of their location with the help of this tool. You can also monitor their location by spying on their Sim card.

How to Get Started on Minspy

(Follow the same process as of previous apps to use this platform).


Spyic provides spy solutions so that you can easily monitor the device activities of your boyfriend. This application is private which means that no one other than you have access to the retrieved data. Even the employers of Spyic can not check the data stored in your account.


Features of the Spyic Spy Platform

Remote Access: You can get full access to your boyfriend’s phone remotely. You do not need to ask for their phone every time you want to check something.

Website History: Check their website history with this amazing tool.

Whatsapp Spy: Spy on the WhatsApp account of your Boyfriend with this feature.

How to use this platform

Create a free account on their website and install the application in your boyfriend’s account by following their guide.

After that, you can log in to your Spyic account and monitor all their activities without touching their phone.


Cocospy is a great application to monitor the activities of your loved ones. You can install this application in their device and connect it with your online Cocospy account. It will sync all their data to your account as soon as they turn on their Internet connection.

You do not need to perform any jailbreak on their device to use this application. You could also view more info about spying on your boyfriend’s phone via Neatspy.

Features of the Cocospy Spy Platform

Parental Control: You can use it as a parental control in addition to spying on someone’s WhatsApp messages.

Fb Messages: Check the Facebook Messages of your loved ones with a single click.

Sim Location: This feature allows you to track the location of your Boyfriend without even touching their phone.

How to Spy with Cocospy

This platform follows the same process as of previously discussed applications. You can check their installation guide to get a proper idea of this app.

Final Words

Sometimes spying on your boyfriend becomes so hard as they do not let you touch their phone. In such cases, these applications will help you monitor their activities.

These 5 simple ways to spy on Boyfriend’s phone are tested by Millions of people and are working great for them.

All these applications are great in performing the tasks that we have discussed in this article. However, Spyine is our recommended platform as it has been getting a lot of positive reviews from its users.

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