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A+ Status Saver: An App to download WhatsApp Status, Instagram Photos and Videos

Will you like to download WhatsApp Status (Photos & Videos)? Instagram Photos & Videos? Or you have been looking for the best way to send a WhatsApp message without saving number? and generate a link to WhatsApp click to chat?

If you answered YES to one or more of the questions above, you’re on the right page. A+ Status Saver will help you save images and videos statuses from Instagram and WhatsApp, so you do not need to re-download them every time you would like to view or share them.

Why should you use A+ Status Saver?

Downloaded statuses can be viewed anytime, using your favourite video player and without internet bandwidth. You make the environment greener by saving internet bandwidth and electricity.

Before you get started, you will need to download A+ Status Saver here.

How to use A+ Status Saver to Save WhatsApp Photo & Video Status

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone
  • Check the desired Status(es) you will like to save

A+ Status Saver

  • Open “A+ Status Saver” and goto WHATSAPP Tab
  • Tap on the Image or Video to Preview

A+ Status Saver 2

  • Tap the Special menu – to Save, Share, Delete, Set As (Wallpaper, Profile Picture etc)

How to use A+ Status Saver to Download Instagram Photos and Videos

  • Open A+ Status Saver and go to INSTAGRAM Tab
  • Turn ON Insta Save Switch

A+ Status Saver 3

  • Click Open Instagram to Launch Instagram
  • Click Copy Link on any Instagram Post and Download will automatically begin!

A+ Status Saver 4

A+ Status Saver 5

  • Once you are done downloading statuses, Turn OFF Insta Save Switch.

How to find Downloaded Statuses

  • The Best Option is to use A+ Status Saver’s “Downloads Menu”. Alternatively, you can use File Explorer or Gallery App

➤ for INSTAGRAM you can find downloaded statuses under “A+ Instagram”

➤ for WHATSAPP you can find downloaded statuses under “A+ WhatsApp”

How to Use WhatsApp Click to Chat on A+ Status Saver

  • Open A+ Status Saver
  • Click on WhatsApp Click To Chat, on the Navigation Menu

A+ Status Saver 6

  • Input a valid WhatsApp number into the WhatsApp Number field. For example +123456789012

A+ Status Saver 7

  • Type in your custom message in the Message field.
  • Click Send to automatically start a WhatsApp Conversation
  • Click on Generate Link to generate a WhatsApp Click to Chat Link
  • Click “Copy” to Copy the WhatsApp Click to Chat generated a link
  • Paste it on your IG Page, Facebook or wherever you wish!

OMG?, It’s dead simple, Right?

you bet it is, ?!

Still reading this? ?

Install A+ Status Saver Now! & Start Saving Instagram & WhatsApp Statuses! For Tips and Tricks – Visit A+ Status Saver Blog 


This tool can be used for public profiles only. Re-uploading image and/or video is NOT encouraged, please seek owners’ approval before doing so. A+ Status Saver is not in any way affiliated with Instagram or WhatsApp. We respect and value your privacy. All apps released by Edge Dev Studio obeys Google Policy on Data Protection.

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