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ACMarket For Android Apps and Games Download

No longer are Android users limited to the official Play Store for their apps. Now, they have an alternative in the form of ACMarket, an unofficial app store that offers loads of apps and games, including modified ones for free. Keep reading for details.

How to Download ACMarket

This requires you to install the APK file onto your device so do make sure you follow this guide as written:

  1. Download ACMarket by clicking the link
  2. Go to your Android Settings app and open Security settings
  3. Check the box to enable Unknown Sources
  4. Look for the APK file on your device and double-tap on it
  5. Wait; when it’s installed the app icon will be on your home screen

If you don’t see it, you must repeat the steps.

How to Use ACMarket

This is simple to do:

  1. Open ACMarket – tap the icon
  2. Tap the Apps option and then pick a category
  3. Search for an app or a game and tap it
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install it

ACMarket Features

ACMarket is packed with useful features:

  • Android Apps – Android app store content including premium and paid, all free
  • ACMarket Apps – not found anywhere else, apps and games exclusive to the installer
  • Tweaked Apps – stock apps tweaked to make them work better
  • Modified Games – top Android games with new features and in-app purchases unlocked for free

Frequently Asked Questions:

Read on for the answers to the commonly asked questions:

Does ACMarket Only Support Android?

Although it is primarily an Android installer, you can install it on iOS devices and on desktop, following our very simple guides.

Does My Android Device Need To Be Rooted?

No, but you won’t get the full experience of the installer if you don’t. ACMarket will modify any apps or games already on a rooted device, giving them the new features, and you have less chance of the Play Store blocking apps and games that are used over the internet.

Will My Warranty Be Voided?

No, not by using the installer. It is a safe installer and doesn’t hack the Android security to work so your warranty can’t be voided. However, if you choose to use tweaks that modify your device, you may have to remove them if you need to take your device to a repair store.

ACMarket Error Fixes:

While ACMarket is a reputable app installer, on occasion, it may stop working. Don’t worry because the solution is simple:

Method 1: Resetting App Preferences

This is the most common solution:

  1. Open Android Settings and go to Apps/App Manager
  2. Tap All Apps and then Reset App Preferences
  3. Tap Reset Now, and try the app again – it should be okay

Method 2: Clear Package Installer Cache and Data

  1. Open your Settings and go to Apps (App Manager)
  2. Tap on System Apps
  3. Tap Package Installer
  4. Tap on, in turn, Clear Data and then Clear Cache
  5. Try the installer again, and it should work

If you are on Android Marshmallow, find these options in Storage

Method 3: Enable Unknown Sources

You can’t install any unofficial content without enabling this setting:

  1. Go to Settings>Security
  2. Find the Unknown Sources option and enable it
  3. Close settings

If the app still doesn’t work, remove it from your device. Make sure you keep that option enabled and then reinstall it.

Alternative Apps:

While ACMarket is a great installer, it may not suit all users. TutuApp is an alternative that offers iOS apps, games, and tweaks, as well as Android content. It is entirely free to use, and it doesn’t require your device to be rooted first. Check out the guide on how to download TutuApp.

ACMarket is the top alternative app store for Android users. It offers a new world of apps and games, all for free and is very simple to use. It won’t cost you a thing to try it and, if you really don’t like it, you can delete it and try the alternative.

Do give it a go and tell us what you think of it. And follow us on Facebook so we can send you more Android app recommendations and tips.

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