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Airtel SmartCONNECT 5.0: How to Activate, Enjoy 8X Recharge & data

Airtel SmartCONNECT 5.0┬áplan is targeted at users that brings some mouth-watering extras to the table. The Airtel SmartConnect 5.0 will be the main focus here and we will be dissecting everything there is to know about this plan from Airtel. Before we begin, we’ll like to point out that this SmartConnect plan is available for new customers Only and if you want to make use of the new plan then you’ll need to get a new SIM, all of which come with SmartConnect plan already.

What is SmartConnect 5.0 ?

From the title of this post, you already have an idea of what SmartConnect entails and yes, on SmartConnect 5.0, users are given 8x their recharge on any recharge above N100 and also double any data bundle you buy. SmartConnect has been Airtel’s default plan but with this upgrade, you can see some changes were made. However, the 8x recharge and double data on this plan aren’t that straight forward so we will be explaining them just to help you get a better understanding of the plan.

SmartConnect 5.0 8x Recharge

Recharges on this new plan give 8x recharge, however, all the bonus does not go to one account. They are split into different accounts and each one has a specific purpose. Minimum recharge for the 8x offer is N100 and there is no maximum limit.

  1. If you recharge N100, you’ll get a total of 800; N100 in your main account, N100 Bonus Credit, N250 data bonus, N250 bonus credit for family and friends and N100 for a social bundle.
  2. An N200 recharge gives you a total of N1600; N200 in your main account, N200 bonus credit, N500 data Bonus, N500 bonus credit for family and friends and N200 for a social bundle.
  3. N500 recharge gives you a total of N4000; N500 in your main account, N500 bonus credit, N1250 data bonus, N1250 bonus credit for family and friends and N500 for a social bundle.

The more you recharge, the more you get. You also get the Bonus if you recharge through any other means like Mobile banking, Quick-teller etc.

Note: Your main balance does not have an expiration date however, all bonuses are valid for only 7days.

In case you were looking for how to add your family and friends numbers so as to use the family and friends bonus credit, you can do that by following the steps below.

– Dial *311 *2 *Airtel number# to add a number.
– Dial *311 *3 *Airtel number# to remove a number.
– Dial *311 *4 # to view all your registered friends and family.

SmartConnect 5.0 Double Data

Users on the SmartConnect plan also get a 100% data Bonus which basically means you get double of all your data purchased, up to N4000. Any data plan above N4000 like the N5000 data will not be doubled; only N4000 data plans and below. So all you have to do is recharge your new Airtel line with *126 *1# and subscribe by Dialing *141# to select your data plan and you will be given double the data of the plan you choose. Simple as that.

Note: Plans with night data only double the main data and not the night data.

The SmartConnect 8X recharge and double data are only valid on the new SIM for just 90days, after that everything goes back to normal and there will be no double data or 8X recharge. Have questions about the Airtel SmartConnect 5.0? Feel free to ask using the comment section down below.

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  1. I changed my plan on Airtel to smart talk but i wasn’t getting any bonus after recharge so I decided to try reverting to smart connect ,so I read many articles on how to subscribe to Airtel smart connect all I was seeing was just to buy a new Airtel SIM that after changing from the default plan you can’t get back to it so I called the customer care so I was directed to dial *311# on my Airtel line and that was how I could migrate


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