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Apple is preparing a Bezel-less high-end iPad for 2018

With the success of the iPhone X, Apple is bent on redesigning their iPad. The company is building a high-end tablet that will have an “all screen” display with little or no bezels like the iPhone X. The iPad which will be released next year will also feature Face ID like the iPhone X.

According to the source, the new iPad will most likely not have an OLED display like the iPhone X. As the company will stick with a traditional LCD screen instead.

This new iPad is expected to launch in late 2018. The latest tablet from Apple, the iPad Pro 10.5″ was released in June 2017. So we are guessing the new iPad, which lots of people are calling the “iPad X”, would be released a year after (June 2018).

The source speaking for Bloomberg also claims Apple is allegedly trying out quite a few different models. The new iPad is expected to have a screen roughly the size of the current iPad Pro (10.5-inch) but bezel-less.

The new 2018 iPad model should also come with an improved Apple Pencil stylus for taking notes and drawing. In the past, the iPad business used to be a big deal for Apple as they made quite a fortune from it. But revenue has fallen these past two years as overall tablet sales declined. Nevertheless, Apple still made $4.8b from their iPad sales in the past quarter alone. But that should have been higher, as the source claims the new iPad would be out of this world.

The company still sees the iPad as the future of mainstream computing, the source claims. As they would keep on investing in the iPad series. How do you feel about an iPad X? Let us know in the comment section below.

Joseph Young
Joseph Young
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