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10 Best Apple Watch Faces You can use

Are you curious to know about the 10 best Apple Watch faces you can use? Are you an Apple Watch owner? Do you know you can customize and personalize your Apple Watch? Well, the display is one integral place you can set to fit your personal lifestyle.

Apple being a strict company, does not allow third-party watch-faces, however, the company lets you choose from the library of faces they have. But the library is pretty large and you might not have enough leisure time to sort through them all. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to sort through the watch faces and present you with a list of the best watch faces. So all you’ve to do is make your choice from this list.

Best Apple Watch Faces 2021


Typograph apple watch face

This is a very popular watch face in Apple Watch. It brings a total of eight complications to the screen and that means you get tons of information that can be displayed on your screen. One of the reasons why we like this watch face is that it makes great use of space and looks amazing. If you want your screen to be loaded with information, then this should be your pick. But if you want your screen to have minimal information, then choose another watch face.

Portraits (watchOS 8)

Portraits is a new watch face in watchOS 8. The watch face features loads of fun and allows you to choose any portrait mode photo as your watch face background. It offers a neat 3D effect on your Apple Watch with perspective motion. The digital crown can be rotated to bring the subject in your photo forward. There are also other cool features of this particular Watch Face.


Californnia apple watch face

California is the next one on our 10 best Apple Watch faces you can use. If you want a watch face that can accompany you on formal occasions, then this is the one. And if you don’t like Infograph’s tons of information, then try this one. California offers just the basics right up-front and looks classy. It features the time and options for dial-markers. You get to choose between going full-screen or circular on this watch face.

GMT Watch Face

GMT apple watch face

This watch face is inspired by classic watches but with a modern twist. It features an inner dial with 12-hour markings that shows your local time. There is also an outer dial with 24-hour markings that shows a different time zone.


Simple apple watch face

This is a simple watch face which shouldn’t be surprised cause it’s the name. For minimalist fans, this watch face will get your attention. The watch face lets you choose the dial design, you can also decide to add the hour-markers to the watch face.


Meridian apple watch face

This watch face is a slightly more casual version of California. Meridian offers a refined look to your Apple watch while still being slightly playful. It has only a full-screen look but makes up for it by including four complications in the middle of the screen which you can customize. This watch face has an always-on display feature and deserves a spot in our 10 best Apple Watch faces you can use.

Liquid Metal, Fire/Water Watch Faces

Liquid Metal apple watch face

These watch faces are put together here cause they are somewhat similar. They show animations recorded by Apple every time you tap the screen or wake your watch. You get to choose between fire, water, and liquid metal in the watch faces. They are among the coolest watch faces you’ll ever find.

Numerals Duo

Numeral Duo apple watch face

Numerals Duo is the ideal watch face if you’re looking for one that’s for a casual outing with your friends or family. It displays the time in two-toned numerals hence the name. You get to choose from a bunch of colour schemes and a couple of styles.

Siri Watch Face

Siri apple watch face

How often do you use Siri? Do you depend on Siri to run your day-to-day life for you? If yes, then this watch face is ideal for you. It features time and lots of Siri cards that display information based on what Siri thinks at that particular point in time. The watch face shows you the weather, upcoming events, sunset/sunrise times, and more.


Infograph apple watch face

Another watch face worth considering is Typograph. This watch face offers three custom-type styles to choose from – modern, classic and rounded. You can decide to view just four specific numbers (3,6,9,12) or all 12 numbers on the Typograph watch face. This watch face is the last one in the 10 best Apple Watch faces you can use.

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