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Best Apps for All-in-one Tracking of Couriers

Every once in a while, we find ourselves in a position where we are either sending or receiving a package. Be it a package from the eCommerce website from where you have ordered something valuable or an important document that you are about to receive from your family or office.

Different people prefer different courier choices depending upon their preference. It can sometimes be very frustrating to visit the official websites of different couriers to track the package. Therefore, it is a good idea to have tracking apps that allow the user to track packages from different courier services. Here is a list of five all-in-one tracking apps that will allow you to track packages from almost all courier services.

1. AfterShip Package Tracker

AfterShip Package Tracker

This app allows users to track packages from 700 different carriers worldwide, both domestic and international companies. The map embedded in the app allows the user to check real-time shipment location.

When the notification feature is turned on, the user can get updates on every move that the parcel makes. When entering a tracking ID on the app, it automatically detects the courier eliminating the need to insert the information of the courier manually. Along with that, the AfterShip Package Tracker can also be used to track the status of the parcel from eCommerce websites like Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay.

2. All-In-One Package Tracking

All-In-One Package Tracking

Developed by 17TRACK, this app supports batch and single-tracking mode. Just like AfterShip Package Tracker, it can automatically detect the carrier company. What makes this app unique is that when tracking a large number of shipments, it allows the users to prioritize the order such that the status of the important orders is visible right at the top.

The push notification of the app notifies the user of each status change of the parcel updating them about the whereabouts of the parcel. You can use this app to track packages from DHL, VRL, FedEx, and UPS amongst others.

3. Package Tracking

It is a simple tracking app that allows users to track the packages shipped via any Professional Courier service like USP, DHL and FedEx. Package Tracking allows you to search for your package, track, save and manage the shipment. Further, it allows easy editing of the notes that you have taken on the app. The design of the app is smooth which makes operating it extremely easy. Even someone having a tough time with technology can use this app to track their shipment.

4. Shop: Package and Order Tracker

Developed by Shopify, the app allows users to track their packages all in one place. The live map supported by the app can be used to follow the status of the packages in real time.

Every step of the way is informed to the user via timely notifications. Shop app can be used to track packages from more than 600 carriers including UPS, FedEx, and DHL. The delivery notifications provided by the app are fairly accurate. Further, it can be linked with the Gmail account to receive the status update directly in your inbox.

5. Parcels


This app is mostly used by users who want to track their packages from eCommerce and retail stores like Amazon, Wish, Gearbest, VOVA, eBay, Aliexpress, and Shein. The import package details can be directly imported from the respective website eliminating the need to enter the tracking details manually. You can use the app to track multiple shipments. Also, for many shipments, it provides the estimated date of delivery. The app comes both in free and paid versions. The premium version of Parcels allows users to track the shipment of unlimited parcels. No registration is required to use the app and with just a few taps, the shipment status can be checked.

All these apps support free versions and can be used for easy tracking of shipments from different courier companies in one place, saving the user their time and money. It is recommended to go for a tracking app that supports the maximum number of courier services just to be sure that you are able to track the parcel from almost all the courier companies. All the apps come very handy when you want to track parcels that you have either shipped or are about to receive.

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