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Apps that make pictures clearer – Best Apps to Fix Blurry Photos

Best Apps to Fix Blurry Photos-Do you want to know the best apps to fix blurry photos? If yes, then continue reading this post as we talk extensively about applications that can bring out the best quality in your photos.

A blurry image or photo occurs often and just doesn’t sit well with a lot of people. No one will like to post or share a blurry picture-be it on social media or on their website. If your photos are turning blurry whether they one that was taken with your phone camera or shared images, then you might want to consider these applications on this post to sharpen up those blurry spots in your photos.

Top Apps that make pictures clearer

Adobe Scan

Enhance Photo Quality

The UI of Enhance Photo Quality is user-friendly which is one of the most important aspects when it comes to mobile apps. The application eliminates the guesswork out of witnessing the changes to your image. You can generate real-time previews as you edit and also receive signifying notifications and A/B comparisons.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is among the best apps to fix blurry photos. You need to consider this app if you’re looking for apps that make pictures clearer. The app’s sharpening tools are powerful and once you master it, you’ll enjoy the freedom it provides. Adobe Photoshop is regarded as one of the one-stop-shop for graphic design. It is a raster-based program which means that you can edit your images with the app and compose your artistry on it.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom’s tools are easy to use. With little to no instructions, users can use the brushes and options for de-blurring a photo. This application allows users to simply bring in a handful of photos that automatically set up an album, so you don’t have to worry about setting up an album by importing images. In terms of workflow, Adobe Lightroom is fast and a lot of the system’s process is streamlined that users can even automate the exportation process by sending it directly to their printer or website.


When it comes to removing blur in photos, Lumii is one of the best out there. The process is a bit more extensive compared to other applications. You can de-blur your photos on Lumii by sharpening and playing with the grain levels inside the application. Lumii features a vast and powerful amount of tools. Users can use the always-handy A/B comparison, adjust levels, add filters, and create all sorts of effects.

Sharpen Image

Sharpen Image is one of the best apps that make pictures clearer, which is why it is on our list of best apps to fix blurry photos. Unlike other apps, Sharper Image doesn’t clutter the screen with additional tools. The application is solely built for sharpening up photos to remove blur from your images. Its simplicity makes it a fan favourite and easy to use. Too much sharpening can make your photos look weird with glitchy lines, which is why the app features sharpening tools of intensity and grain to help you get around such an undesired effect.

Photo Editor Pro

Ignore the name, this is a free application to use. It has one of the strongest sharpening tools out there when you consider how much control you have and the extent of the results. You can de-blur your pictures with Photo Editor Pro and it works pretty well with a level of clarity that isn’t common on most photo-editing mobile apps. The app features a vast amount of tools beyond just sharpening options and allows users to accomplish everything they want like fixing shadows and adding vignettes.


Lastly, on our best apps to fix blurry photos, we have Fotogenic. You need to give this mobile app a try if you’re searching for apps that make pictures clearer. Fotogenic offers users a vast amount of possibilities when it comes to photo editing. You can sharpen your pictures with wild tools like tattoo layers or oil painting filters.

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