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Best Apps To Hide Text Messages on Android

Our smartphones are personal devices that should always remain private however, we sometimes have to hand them over to a friend or colleague to see something like a funny meme or quickly glance through a news article. Most times, they tend to do just while some might decide to snoop around your smartphone which is where the apps we will be talking about here comes in. The apps to hide text messages from prying eyes are a must-have if you want your text conversation with friends, family, and loved ones to stay hidden and remain only known to you.

Doing that is pretty simple with the apps we will be listing here as there are a lot of them available for free on the Google Play store which we’ve gone through and picked out the very best for you. Without any further rambling, let’s get down to the list.

Top Apps To Hide Text Messages on Android


Vault-Hide lets you hide all your text messages which will require a fingerprint scan if your phone has it and you choose it or just used the good old PIN. This way, Opening the messaging app, will require verification before the messages on your smartphone show up. Asides from being able to hide your text messages, it can also hide your apps, and photos and even backup your data to the cloud. One thing I like about the Vault app is the fact that the app is simply easy to use. It also has a private browser and takes a picture of an intruder with the front-facing camera when they provide a wrong fingerprint or PIN.

  • Download Vault-Hide Here

App Hider

App Hider like the name says is among the best apps to hide text Messages on your device. It is an app you can use to hide any app on your android smartphone so as to keep it away from prying eyes. Not only can you hide the messaging app on your smartphone which will obviously automatically hide all the messages in it, but you can also hide your gallery app to hide your photos and videos, hide your banking apps, and any other app you don’t want people Messing around with. The App Hider disguises itself as a calculator app and when opened actually looks like a calculator, however, putting in the right numbers (PIN) takes you to the true App Hider hidden Underneath. You can also use this app to clone your apps which is one of its side features.

  • Download App Hider Here


AppLock is also another app you can use to lock your messages app in order to prevent people from opening the app. Much like other app lock or app hide apps, it also uses the simple calculator disguise which makes the interface look like an ordinary calculator but when the right PIN is provided, it takes you to the App’s real Menu. There isn’t anything much to say about AppLock as it gets the job of hiding your app done, from messages app to a gallery and even banking apps, it hides them all. You even throw in some lock screen themes/wallpapers as one of its features which is pretty good.

  • Download AppLock Here

AppLock – Fingerprint

AppLock – Fingerprint is similar to the other App Lock above but the reason why I personally like this app among the best Apps To Hide Text Messages is the fact that it is lightweight, coming in at just 2MB compared to the 13MB of the one above. So if storage space is something you’re battling with then this right here is a perfect choice. It hides pretty much all the apps you might have installed on your android smartphone and use fingerprint, PIN, Face Unlock and even Pattern to Unlock the apps depending on the one you choose. It also takes pictures of intruders when they try to unlock any app you’ve locked.

  • Download AppLock – Fingerprint Here


LOCKit is also another good app you can use to hide your text messages, much like every other app on this list, it doesn’t just hide only your text messages, it can also hide all your other apps behind a pattern, PIN or fingerprint depending on the one you choose. The app is also lightweight, weighing just 6MB in size, and has been optimized by the developers to go easy on RAM so you don’t have to worry about the app eating up resources in the background. It also has lots of free lock screen themes with a very intuitive and good User interface. Definitely worth checking out.

  • Download LOCKit Here
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