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10 Best Android Colouring Book Apps for Adults

While colouring books have been around for a long time, especially for young children, it only became popular among adults in the 2010s. Used as a form of adult therapy, these artworks bring people a sense of their childhood.

People also say engaging in the art of colouring helps them develop fine motor skills & vision, lower anxiety and improve focus. Some persons even find that creating arts in colouring books help relieve stress and anxiety as meditation does.

These are just a handful of the different benefits you can get by engaging in this hobby.

Here are the 10 best Android colouring book apps for adults to help you colour better:

Top Adult Coloring Book Apps for Android Smartphones

Colorfy: Coloring Book for Adults

Colorfy is a very popular app with a stylish user-interface, offering you various ways to make the artwork truly yours with the aid of special filters and effects.

It is the most downloaded adult colouring book application for Android OS and is constantly updated with new features to give you a better experience.

This app lets you pick any theme you want, which includes florals, mandalas, animals, and patterns. Its developers are adding new images on a weekly basis, so you would always have beautiful artwork to fill in with any colours of your choice.

Colorfy works perfectly offline. This means you can catch endless fun wherever you’re once you have your charger nearby. On getting online, it lets you share your creations on social media networks, such as Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google Plus, Line, Kiko. Other channels are email and SMS.

You can download the basic version of this app for free on your Android smartphone. If you seek extra content, you can get it through in-app purchases.

Amazon Shopping

Amazon Shopping

Amazon is an awesome source to get actual, real-life colouring books and just about any supplies you need (think of pencils, paints, pens, the actual colouring books, etc.).

The app has over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store. It allows you to browse, search, and purchase millions of products conveniently with your Android.

While several colouring book apps try to mimic the colouring experience, there’s nothing that can be comparable to doing it in real life. On the Amazon platform, prices of these books vary greatly.

However, you will be able to get both fancy and budget options, which could be in your price range. To enhance your shopping experience, Alexa is ready to assist by simply using your voice to search for products on the market, track your orders as well as re-order your favourite products.

Adult Coloring Book Premium

Adult Coloring Book Premium

Adult Coloring Book Premium is among the best Android Coloring Book Apps, offering you thousands of captivating colour and colouring pages. It has several million installs and is designed to allow you to catch fun in relaxing painting experience.

Though you might think the app costs money as the name seems to suggest, the basic version is actually free. Just like the majority of colouring apps — and all kinds of apps as a matter of fact — if you want additional content, you need to pay for it.

Adult Coloring Book Premium comes with many fascinating features. It contains tons of beautiful pages for colouring and downloading new pages from Online Galleries daily.

It offers you a variety of colour palettes, from which you can pick your favourites. The app enables you to save your work and share it with family and friends, easily.

It also lets you meet over 3 million fellow artists from any part of the world in Showroom and hobnob with them.

App Labs Games Coloring Book Apps

App Labs Games is a popular software developer on the Play Store with many colouring book apps. These include Coloring Book for Adults; Free Adult Coloring Book App; Coloring Book 2019; Mandala Coloring Book; Animal Coloring Book for Adult; and others.

Most of these applications are general use colouring book software, though some feature themes like autumn, family-oriented, animals, and art.

Their mechanics are quite basic, and the apps have enjoyed millions of downloads on Google Play with several fairly positive reviews, for most of them at least.

The colouring book apps from App Labs Games are also generally free though with ads. They are an amazing collection of software for people that have a penchant for colouring. But you shouldn’t look forward to anything groundbreaking as they are just a bunch of basic colouring book apps.

Colouring Expert – Coloring Pages App For You

Designed by PlayGround, the Coloring Expert app is an extremely popular app with 10 million+ downloads on the Play Store.

It adopts a slightly different approach from the other similar apps. Colorfy and Adult Coloring Book Premium use the aesthetic approach of the adult colouring book trend more closely.

This application, however, exchanges mandalas and patterns for a broader variety of more realistic images. These include famous scientists &musicians, faraway cities, exotic animals, and adventure sports.

This approach has a number of benefits. First, parents and their kids would love it because it offers them a great opportunity to introduce the subject presented in the picture. It also lets them break the monotony of colouring the same kind of picture, repeatedly.

On this app, you can enjoy hours of fun working with lots of colouring pages (over 400 of them). Colouring Expert also comes with the Zoom function, which helps you colour tiny details on detailed pictures, and the Undo option, which enables you to revert changes you’ve made.



Colouring is designed by Teazel Ltd. to help you create a relaxing adult colouring book with the aid of stunning pictures. The app features over 800 highly detailed professional pictures, which you can use to colour different objects, including animals, floral pictures, and sea creatures.

In the basic version, there are more than 50 pieces to colour. Other features of this app include intuitive control scheme, the comment on pictures function, eraser, tablet support, undo option, colour pipette for hassle-free colour matching, unlimited palette, left-handed mode, and many others.

Colorfit – Drawing & Coloring

Colorfit, designed by Creative APPS, is a nifty piece of software that lets you create your own mandala and contains over 1000 pages. It’s more than 1 million downloads and is rated 4.6 (with 31000+ reviews) on Google Play.

Colorfit has specific colouring books for objects, such as animals, gardens, mandalas, flowers as well as other themes. It is easy to control and features rich palettes, custom colours.

This app comes with colour therapy benefits, making you get rid of anxiety and helping you manage stress.  The software also lets you bring your own colouring pictures by snapping a photo or importing from your phone gallery.

ColorMe – Coloring Book Free

ColorMe-Best Android Colouring Book Apps for Adults

ColorMe is one of the best colouring books for adults, featuring free mandala, animals as well as other pages. It provides a collection of more than 100 pages with different themes and has a variety of unique categories, including Zodiacs, Patterns, and Oriental.

This app lets you colour your favourite animals, like a parrot, lion, tiger, elephant, fish, etc. It offers simple controls, making it easy to select your colours, press the shapes to fill them in, and share your designs with friends on social media when you’re done.

ColorMe is 100% free to download and install on your Android smartphones but contains ads.


Dotpict is technically is a drawing application that lets you draw pixelated characters. This is done by picking colours and then filling in different squares until an image forms. Engaging in this activity could be fun.

When you draw Pixel Arts with this app, you can have peace of mind that your work won’t get lost, since the autosave feature ensures it is always saved.

Dotpict also ensures that you can easily share your work via SNS services. Other features of this app include Undo, Redo, display of the grid, zoom of canvas, and so on.

Family Coloring Book

Coming last in this compilation is Family Coloring Book, which mixes in brushes using the standard paint bucket approach to give you a more pleasant colouring experience.

With the aid of different colouring tools available on the app, you can fill in the artboard gradually with vivid colours, subtle accents as well as stunning gradients.

This app’s interface is quite responsive and easy to use, with everything neatly sorted into various categories.


For great colouring book experience, you can choose an app from the above-handpicked pieces of software, depending on your style and needs.

Source: Google Play Store

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