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Best Calorie Counter Apps For Android and iOS

If you are looking for ways track your Calories intake then you will be happy to know that you can do just that using your smartphone, both Android and iOS by installing some of the best Calorie Counter Apps around. Keeping track of how much calories you’re taking in might come in handy especially if you’re trying to shed some weight or burn some fat so you don’t end up adding more fat then you’re burning.

There are a lot of calories counter apps available on the Google Play store for Android devices and Apple App store for iOS devices and we’ve combined the top 5 best ones you should consider downloading and using to keep track of your calories intake.

5 Best Calorie Counter Apps

1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal app as you can tell from the name is a fitness app and probably one of the best Calorie Counter Apps. The app helps you keep track of your calories in order to lose weight, tone up, get healthy, change your eating habits or just start a new kinda diet. No matter the reason you have to want to track your Calories intake, MyFitnessPal has got you covered. It can also track the nutrition you’re getting from each meal by simply scanning the barcode which gets matched with over 11million+ foods in their database, including global items and cuisines.

You can also use the app to make a goal like gaining weight, losing weight or just maintaining your weight and actually keep track of it on the app. Anything that has to do with keeping track of your calories intake, MyFitnessPal is your go-to app.

2. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by Spark People is yet another free Calorie Counter app you can use to keep track of your calorie intake as well as your overall diet. Just like other calorie counter apps, you can also use it to scan barcodes of items/product which gets matched to its massive food database in order to get the Calories counter as well as the nutrition it gives. The App also syncs data with some fitness bands like Apple watch and Fitbit just to name a few. The app is free to download and use, however, for the detailed food calorie chart, you need to pay $4.99 which comes with other perks.

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3. MyNetDiary

MyNetDiary is more than just a Calorie Counter app, the app is a fitness coach on its own with features that steer you towards your ideal weight. Seriously, it actually steers towards it with a feature on the app called autopilot. It also suggests possible recipes you can try out based on if you want to gain or lose weight. Like most other Calorie app or fitness app out there, you can connect it to a fitness band to track your exercise routine an weight loss progress. The scan with Barcode feature is also here with lots of products in their library. Premium subscription costs $8.99 a per month which comes with some additional features to help you reach your goal.

4. Simple Diet Diary

Simple Diet Diary does exactly what it names says, no more no less. The app allows users to simply log in their food and calories intake in order to be able to track it. It also has a very matured user interface that details everything very well on the app. One thing I like about this app is its simplicity as there aren’t many features here. It simply focuses on keeping track of your diet and does that very well. Of course, The app is free to download and use however, if you want the black theme then you’ll need to pay $7. While the dark theme isn’t a must to use this app, it is a nice way to support the developer for this wonderful app.

  • Download Simple Diet Diary For Just Android

5. Cronometer

Cronometer is a calorie counter and diet tracking app which works for all kinds of different diet plans, from vegan to keto, you name it, cronometer has got you covered. It also has very nice colours in the app that it matches to different aspects of the app which makes using the app a lot more fun. Asides from being able to count your calories intake, you can also use the macro calculator to know what types of food you should be eating based on th diet you’re on. You can also calculate your BMI(Body Mass Index) and BMR using the app among other things. If you’re looking to try out new diet plans then you should definitely check out this app.

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