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Best GBA Emulators for Android Devices

If you are searching for the Best GBA Emulators For Android Devices, then we have dished out the best GameBoy Advance emulators (GBA) for android devices that you can use. The Game Boy Advance is among the most popular, reliable, and portable games of all time.

The Android smartphones have taken up most of the market which makes it to be inevitable. This has made the Android users have an interest in playing most of their favorite old games on their phones.

The production of different Android platforms has made the Android GBA emulators worth using. We’ve taken our time to search for some of the best Gameboy Android Emulators for Android Devices for you.

Best GBA Emulators for Android Devices


This is a single app that helps in running different emulators. Particularly it is not an emulator. It is identified as a unified and single application that allows a user to relate with other emulators.

The RetroArch Itself makes use of the Liberto development interface. It enables an individual to install emulators as cores from different platforms.

 The Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy Color have cores that can be installed in RetroArch, which enable users to play all their favorite games in the App.

The RetrocArch doesn’t have as a lot of features compared to other emulators. One thing that is accurate about it is that it is very compatible while playing games.

It is a unique and perfect app that has an open-source platform. That has made RetroArch different from other emulators.



GBA.emu is among the most important and fitting emulators that have a lot of features that you can find for Android. This emulator comes with all the required features that are needed for running GBA games smoothly on Android devices without any issue.

GBA.emu comes with a lot of options like quick save, cheat codes, BIOS emulation, and load and save games at any convenient time. This Emulator enables users to make use of any external hardware for a better experience.

With the aid of cross-platform support, will enable an individual to use it on a PC without losing any performance and data performance. 


John GBA

John GBAC is an amazing GBA emulator meant for Android users. It is a great emulator that is for those who want to keep everything easy and simple. it has all the necessary features and built-in cheats such as saving and loading game performance, also an SD card support, and turbo buttons.

One most important thing about it is that it has Dropbox cloud support. This feature will enable users to synchronize their performance, this will enable users to continue playing it on other android devices. 


My Boy

My Boy is among the trendiest GBA emulator you can always find on Google Play. The major reason for its popularity is because of its accuracy and performance in operating the GBA games on Android smartphones.

 An important thing about it is that it has a comprehensive resolution for an excellent experience when playing GBA games on Android Device.

There are few bugs, and it is very difficult for you to experience a glitch when using it. My Boy also has some good developer support.


Vinaboy Advance

The VinaBoy Advance is an exceptional preference for Android devices. You can easily load a ROM contained by the emulator. To load the ROM contained in the emulator, you should always make sure the format is always like this .gbc, .gba., .rar., .zip, .7z, or .sgb.

This emulator is truly an amazing one with a multi-threaded and in-game anti-aliasing. These are the major requirements that make an android device operate smoothly and very fast smooth.

In addition to that, the VinaBoy Advance supports auto-save and also supports cheat codes. These are the things that make it to be more amazing.


Pizza Boy GBA

 Pizza Boy GBA is generally regarded as the top GBA emulator for Android. It has excellent performance and a lot of features that can make the emulation to be more accurate and “modernized.”

It has some well-designed skins that you can choose from diverse experiences any time you play your preferred GBA games. When comparing this emulator with other existing emulators, you will notice that it has the finest Image Quality and Best Sound Quality.


CLassice GBA Emulator

The Classic GBA emulator for android devices is another alternative that you can use. It makes use of both vertical and horizontal modes and it can be configured and personalized.

Classic GBA emulator supports wireless joysticks, Bluetooth controllers, and game controllers. It quickly recognizes and starts the ROMs when in use. When using it, you can skip, and fast forward it with the fast forward button, and it also saves the game repeatedly.


My OldBoy


My OldBoy is suitable for the emulation of Game Boy Color with other Game Boy Emulators. It enables users to link cable emulation and it supports cheat codes, external hardware, fast forward and slow down modes.


The VGBAnext offers multiple types of GBA Emulator For Android, Gameboy Advance, Game Boy Color, and even the Nintendo Entertainment System. It runs very great, and it allows users to play favourite ROMs seamlessly.

It has controller support. The VGBAnext has MOGA support, which allows users to play their favourite games on GBC, GBA, and NES with modern. It has a Network Play feature used for playing favorite games between friends and families over wireless networks.


These are the top-rated GBA Emulators out there. They will help you enjoy your preferred Game Boy Advance games directly on your Android Devices. These emulators present you with a related experience. These emulators can give you some extra features like Fast Forward, advanced features Support, Rewind Gameplay, and numerous more depending upon the emulator you prefer.