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10 Measurement Apps for Android

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a measuring tape to measure something. There are a lot of measuring apps that you can use to measure different things. In this post on Phonecorridor, we are covering the best measurement apps for your Android devices.

The apps below will give you an idea of the length of various things. I will advise you not to completely rely on the apps, they are only getting better with time. Measuring tools come in different shapes and sizes so your smartphone definitely can’t replace some already.

Although there are many apps available we streamlined them to the best because that’s what you deserve. The apps work differently, they are used to measure different things including measuring an Area, and there is also a ruler app and many other exciting measuring apps. While the apps are getting better, it is only a matter of time before they become perfect. Let’s dive right in and list the best apps for measuring on Android.

Top 10 Best Measurement Apps for Android

Measurement Apps

1.    Ruler

The ruler app turns your Android smartphone into a ruler, you can use it to measure inches, millimeters, centimeters,s, and more. It comes with different measuring models, points, lines, planes, or levels. The app also allows you to change the measurement into another unit easily. It is a unique app and you can use it if you need a ruler somewhere and you can’t find it. If you measure things with rulers then this app is a must-have.

2.    Smart Measure

Smart Measure is one of the best measurement apps for Android. The app uses the camera of your phone to measure the distance and height of an object. Your hands need to be steady if you want to get good results using the app. To use the app there is a distance button you need to click. The app will now estimate the distance between you and the object. It is a fun app to use but it is not as accurate, the app is improving and it should use AI to measure accurately shortly

3.    GPS Field Area Measure

GPS Field is a great measuring app that uses existing technology to measure an area or distance using GPS data. The app is easy to use, all you need to do after downloading is to select a starting and ending point then it will provide you with results. You need to tap three points on the map to measure. The app is not perfect but it can give you a close idea of the size of an area. It can only measure a particular distance or area. You can’t use the app to measure long distances. I see farmers and architects using this app to get the size of their fields or areas. The app will only get better with time.

4.    Image Meter

The image meter app is quite unique and different. It lets you take an image and then give you the measurement in dimension, angle, circle, and others. It is nearly impossible to get accurate results, especially because not all smartphone cameras can capture a lot of details in a photo. The app is great but use it with accurate measuring tools to get the exact results you are looking for.

5.    AR Ruler App – Best Measurement apps for Android

The AR ruler app is one of the most popular measuring apps for Android. It uses augmented reality to accurately measure different areas of your house and object. You need to install the ARCore library installed on your device. ARCore is owned by Google, and they build AR experiences. Using the app your phone will understand what is needed to measure different areas. The app can be used to measure distance, angle, area, perimeter, and volume.

6.    Qardio Heart Health

If you want to constantly keep your blood pressure in check then this app can be the right one for you. The app can be used to track weight and blood pressure levels. It allows you to create a health journal where you enter your blood pressure or weight data manually. You can also transfer your data from other apps like Google fit, MyFitnessPal, and others.

7.    Easy Measure

The easy measure app can measure the dimensions and distance between you and any object. It is very easy to use, you just have to point your phone’s camera at the object you want to measure. The calculation is done by the app using different features, you have to make sure you set your phone by the height, and tilt of the object. It is important to set it at the actual height of what you want to measure. After choosing what to measure you have to adjust the box on the measuring app and make sure it fits the object being measured. The result of the measurement will flash on the display.

8.    Moasure – best measurement apps for Android

Moasure is one of the best measurement apps for Android, and it has a 300m tape measure, ruler, goniometer, and protractor. The interface is friendly and easy to understand. You can use the app to measure distances and angles. The app also has video tutorials built in and they will help you get used to the app quickly. As far as measuring on Android is concerned Moasure is a top app.

9.    Angle Meter

 Angle Meter shares some similarities with the ruler app we shared earlier. It uses an on-screen ruler, and a camera laser tool to provide accurate results. It also has a unique measurement feature where it can be used to measure the angle or inclination of objects. That is one feature you won’t find on any measuring app on Android. Make sure you check out this app for accurate measurements.

Download Angle Meter

10. Google Maps

I’m sure most of you would be surprised but Google maps is actually the most accurate app used to measure distance and it has to be on this list. You can use the app to measure long distances in miles, kilometres, and yards. Using it is very easy, you just have to point to a starting and ending point and hit the measure button. You will get the most precise answer possible.

Check Out the Best Measurement apps for Android

The apps mentioned above are the best measuring apps you can find. They are used to measure different types of things but not all of them are accurate. If you have any apps that we missed to list please comment the name in the section below, and if we find them worthy we will list them. There are a lot of measurement apps and we went through lots of them before coming up with this list. Thanks for reading have a lovely day.

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