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5 Best Money Earning Apps in India

On our top apps review series today, we shall be taking a look at some of the best money earning apps in India. If you’ve been looking for ways to make extra money on the side using your smartphone, both Android and iOS, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will be giving you a list of apps you can use to make money and other stuff in India.

Before we begin, I’ll just like to point out that you shouldn’t expect anything major from these apps as they are meant to be something you do on the side for some extra cash. With that said, if you put enough time into these apps, you’ll surely make a lot. Without further ado, let’s get right down to it

What are the best money earning apps in India?

1. Google Opinion Rewards – Paid Surveys For Cash

Merely looking at the name of the app, it sure rings a bell. The Google Opinion Rewards app is own by Google and is a very reputable app for rewards in return for your time and opinions. With this app, you get to take short surveys about things like which brands you like, which logo you like best and stuffs like that.

Obviously, Google would want you to fill out the surveys honestly as filling out the survey randomly might lead to the termination of your account. Filling the survey shouldn’t be difficult and in return, you’ll be giving Google play credits which varies depending on the length of the survey.

The Google play credits you get can be used to purchase a number of things like games, songs and even movies from the Google play store. This is perhaps the only downside of this app as all the credit has to be spent on the Google play store. Regardless of that, it’s still a good earning app and is definitely worth the download.

Download Google Opinion Rewards Here

2. Faop – Sell Your Photos

Faop is more of a business app than an earning app. This app is mainly for photographers who are looking to make extra cash on the side by selling their photos. Foap accepts both new/beginner photographers as well as professional photographers. You can earn as high as $100 on a photo depending on the community feedback about the photo as well as seeing someone who is willing to buy it.

With over 2.5 users on this platform, that shouldn’t be an issue. The best thing about faop is that your cash gets paid to your PayPal and not in gift cards or credits which limits where you can spend your earnings. Unfortunately, the app does take a 50% cut on every sale you make which to me is a little too high. However, it is still something and definitely worth thinking about.

Download Foap For Android Here

3. SlideJoy – Lockscreen Cash Rewards

SlideJoy is a Lockscreen widget for your android smartphone but isn’t like every other widget you’ve seen. For a start, it has a very nice and clean UI which makes it very usable. On top of that, you’ll get cash rewards for using it on your smartphone. I know you must already be asking “what’s the catch?”. Well, the catch about this about is that you’ll be shown an ad each time you unlock your device with trending events and news.

I know you might say it’s a lot but considering that some other widgets out there already do this without even giving you a dime, I think this is better. If they are going to be showing you ads on your Lockscreen, the least they can do is at least give you some cash right?

The best part about this app is that the payout option includes PayPal which means you don’t have to redeem a gift card you don’t want to, although there is an option for that if you want.

Download SlideJoy for Android Here

4. CashKarma – Rewards & Gift Cards

Best money making apps

CashKarma is similar to the Google Opinions app which gives your surveys to fill up honestly in return for what the app calls “Karma Points”. Asides from that, the app can also subsidize your purchases at different online stores like Amazon, Walmart and Google play store to name a few, with top branded gift cards.

So apart from making money with this app, you can also save money shopping with the gift cards you get on this app. It has very good reviews on the Google play store from its over 1Million+ downloads. Definitely worth the download.

Download CashKarma For Android Here

5. TapMango – Become an Influencer

TapMango allows you to make money using your social media accounts, similar to being an influencer, or in this case, a nano-influencer. Although, you’ll need to meet certain requirements to use the TapMango app like a minimum of 500+ followers on Twitter and Instagram as well as a good amount of likes/followers/engagements on your Facebook and other platforms.

Obviously, the more followers you have the money more you’ll get. You’ll get paid to post certain things on your profile which is pretty easy. Asides from getting paid to post, you might also win other prizes on the app like smartphones or laptops. If you have social media presence for required to use this app then you should definitely go ahead to make some money with it.

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