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Every year a slew of new games are developed with the aim of keeping us fully engaged (and distracted) as we click, tap, swipe and shake away at our mobile devices. The most interesting of them all is the multiplayer game.

What are multiplayer games?

Multiplayer games are online games that require two or more players to play in the same game environment at the same time, either locally or online over the internet

Some of these games grab our attention, but very few keep us coming back for more.  Whether it’s seizing battlefields or word games with your closest pals, we have drawn up a list of the 15 best multiplayer games that are worthy to note as you search for your next adventure.

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15 best multiplayer games on Android

Adventure Quest 3D

This massively multiplayer online role-playing game is new to mobile devices. Packed with loads of quests, classes and different characters in all sorts of terrains, Adventure quest 3D is a totally fun way to connect with friends.

Considering it has complete cross-platform support, you can chat, collaborate with and even play against more friends regardless of the OS type or platform of their devices.

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If you love gunning down the walking dead then, you will enjoy this fast-paced first-person shooter game.  This game is one of the best multiplayer games for Android out there.

In 150 currently available missions, you will have multiple weapons and villains to unleash them on. A newer addition to this game is the online multiplayer mode. Also, you can be king of the walking dead by building your own army of zombies and laying siege to other players’ bases. The graphics, animations and features make this a thrilling way to while away time.

Download on Playstore Here

Asphalt Xtreme

The Asphalt series created by Gameloft has been around for a while, and the multiplayer option has made it one of the most popular racing games you can find.

Asphalt Xtreme, the latest addition to the series, features different vehicles and race courses across varying terrains across the world. The real-time multi-player functionality makes competing against your friends absolutely fun.

With different vehicle customizations, challenges, events and a well-developed career mode on offer, it is by far the best multiplayer racing game on mobile platforms and one of the best multiplayer games on Android

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Critical Ops

This MMORPG is a first shooter combat game where you are tasked to wipe out a few terrorist cells and defuse terrorist threats and plots. It is one of the best multiplayer games on Android you can play right now.

You can also play as the terrorists, carrying out the attacks. The thrilling missions can be completed with your friends, regardless of the role you choose to play. It is absolutely free, and you can purchase customizations for your gears when playing the game.

Download on Playstore Here

Crossy Road

Among the 15 best multiplayer games on Android listed here, Crossy Road is an arcade platformer game is a throwback to a genre that gained much popularity in the past.

Your character is to run along various roads and cross different streams for as long as possible without dying. The local multiplayer mode means you can connect with friends over WiFi to enjoy the game together. You can also create your own games, customizing according to your preferences and choosing from a wide range of characters. The game supports 2 to 4 multiplayer.

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends

This is a collectable card game which is based on lore from the Elder Scrolls series. You can play against your friend or against the computer.

This game also borrows from the battle concept entrenched in the Elder Scrolls. Players build and construct decks and strategize to unlock more cards for the game to continue. It is a really interesting game for lovers of magic and fantasy. What’s more? It is absolutely free.

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MOBAs take gaming to exciting levels as they leverage on the power of joint forces and allies and no doubt a good addition to the 15 best multiplayer games on Android.

Vainglory is another engaging MOBA that requires high levels of strategizing to seize other teams’ bases and come out on top in the various game modes available. With over 30 characters to unlock, you can either enjoy the social element of the game or opt to play with bots.

Download on Playstore Here


Hearthstone is another incredibly fun card-duelling game among the 15 best multiplayer games on Android. After building different decks of cards, you can test your decks against others in the online Multiplayer mode, or against the computer-controlled players. It is a very popular game, with a very high following in the online community.

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Minecraft for mobile devices is one of the most popular multiplayer games around. Cross-platform support has made it very appealing to many gamers.

Featuring two modes: survival and creative, players find themselves in a randomly generated world where they either have to survive the wiles and stay alive for as long as possible, or create new structures – you don’t get to die in the create mode. Despite costing $6.99, it remains one of the most downloaded games on the Google play store.

Download on Playstore Here

Modern Combat 5

This robust shooter game has loads of rich contents which make for a very interesting gaming experience for users. With multiple campaign modes, customizable characters and levels upon levels, this absolutely fun game lets you unlock new improvements to your character as you progress. The in-chat mode makes for a fun multiplayer experience. It is arguably the best shooter game on mobile.

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This incredible basketball game features a two-on-two mode where pretty much any skills or moves can be made. The conventional rules do not apply here – in fact, you get rewarded for rough play and fouls.

The player who scores the most points wins. It has a local multiplayer; online multiplayer, Android TV support as well as controller support. The numerous positive reviews attest to its status as the best sports game with multiplayer capabilities on mobile.

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NOVA Legacy

is the latest addition to the NOVA franchise. It features a campaign mode, special events, Special Ops mode and a lot more. You can play against other online players and increase your ranking on the leaderboard by engaging in deathmatches and customizing your character to have an edge over your competitors.

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Zynga is practically a household name when it comes to addictive multiplayer games. What really keeps players on their toes is the competitive element that allows them to go head to head with their friends or complete strangers online.

Whether it’s out-spelling your friends on Words with friends or out-smarting strangers on Chess with friends, Zynga gives you simple yet exciting games that keep you and your friends engaged.

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Riptide GP

This amazing racing game features a storyline and a campaign mode that makes multiplayer racing addictive. Loads of rich contents, events, customizations and upgrades which can be bought and unlocked within the game really add to its appeal.

The multiplayer mode accommodates up to 8 players. They can compete in head-to-head events and also collaborate. The challenge mode is fun as it gives you the opportunity to beat and exceed the best times done by your friends.


The range of wonderful multiplayer games developed by Supercell has all made it to the various mobile platforms and our list of 15 best multiplayer games on Android.

Games such as Clash Royale, Clash of the Clans and Boom Beach are some of the most interesting multiplayer games around. The former is a card duelling game, whereas the others are strategy games where friends can collaborate to complete missions and destroy enemy formations in the process. These interesting games have some of the highest online multiplayer communities as they are really engaging and fun.


So there you have it, 15 ways to be an adventurer, a warrior or a wordsmith for ten minutes or for as long as you want. Hurry now to your app store to download your favourite games and share with friends.

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