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Best Music Downloader Apps for Android

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These are the top best music downloader apps for Android in Nigeria available on Google PlayStore. They are loaded with features from playing the songs stored on your phone to download new songs. If you are in Nigeria and you will like to play some cool music, you need some of the music downloader apps like 4Shared, Google Play Music etc.

Music means a lot to so many people, it’s a way of life to some and the lonely comforter to introverted individuals. Music has helped a lot of people find true inner peace and happiness that the world failed to give them. Having music on our smartphones might seem like a ritual because it’s what keeps us going.

Now, getting the music on your smartphone might be a hassle with a lot of fake apps on the Play Store filled with ads. Nonetheless, there are a lot of free music downloader apps on the Play Store. They also come with premium features to enhance your listening experience. Without further ado, let’s talk about the best music downloader apps for Android.

Best Music Downloader Apps for Android.

1. Spotify Music

Spotify music

This app is famous among music lovers due to its premium features, it lets users stream and download songs. It gets all the latest collection of songs from various artists all over the world in the library. You can search for your favourite songs and make your own playlist, or select from the playlists of other users. It has over 20 million songs which is quite impressive, you can also stream songs when offline.

2. Songily

This app has millions of downloads on the Google Play Store and we aren’t surprised. It’s one of the best music downloader apps for Android right now. You get to search for music on the app and listen to them for free. You can also download them to your music player and listen to them whenever you want. The app has a nice selection of trending music, all in Mp3 format. You can also make a selection of songs from the “Top Charts” section.

3. Mp3 Music Download

Just like the name suggests, you get to download Mp3 music for free to your music player. You can also share and transfer the songs to family or friends. The app houses all genres of songs for free and interface makes it easy to navigate and search. When you see the song you want to download, you can play it on the app first before downloading it to your phone.

4. 4Shared Music


4Shared is famous for being one of the largest file-sharing sites, and you also get to download Mp3 songs on its app for free. The app has over 50 million downloads with people using the app to search for music, store them or download them. The app offers cloud storage of 15GB to users, so you can save your favourite songs online, it’s also very easy to use and one of the best music downloader apps for Android.

5. Google Play Music[ Now YouTube Music]

Google Play Music

This app needs no introduction, it’s probably on your device and has lots of songs ready for you to play, stream or download them. However, to start enjoying these features it requires a subscription to be made. Unlike others, it supports other formats including Mp3, WMA, ACC, OGG and FLAC.


As stated above, these are the best music downloader apps for Android right now. With these apps, you won’t get to download a malicious app like when you download from sites.

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