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Best Nigerian Newspaper App for Android and iOS

If you would love to know the latest happenings, you have to take a look at the best Nigerian newspaper apps for Android and iOS. Are you a Nigerian who loves to stay abreast the news trends? Perhaps, you may be a foreigner who loves keeping an eye on the most populous black nation.

Well, in today’s article, we will show you the best Nigerian newspaper apps that will help you stay tuned. These apps are both available on Android and iOS platforms. Therefore, whether you use an Android device or iPhone, there is a news app for you.

We have carefully curated the list to give you the very best Nigerian newspaper apps for Android and iOS.

Best Nigerian Newspaper App for Android and iOS

  1. Punch Mobile

Punch Mobile

Punch Mobile is owned by the Punch Newspaper. The Punch Newspaper, as you may already know, is regarded as the most widely read newspaper in all of Nigeria. Punch is an authority in the news broadcast caucus.

The Punch Newspapers are known for covering groundbreaking news, politics, education, technology, sports, entertainment, interviews, and more. Similarly, Punch Mobile covers all these aspects. The app has such features like sharing your favourite news on social media. You can switch to different layouts, according to your preference.

  1. Vanguard Newspaper Mobile App

Also regarded as the Vanguard News app, this is the official mobile application of the renowned Vanguard Newspapers. The app covers daily news including local news, politics, business, fashion, lifestyle, sports, entertainment and more.

The app allows you to comment on the content and share the news on your social media platforms. The Vanguard news app is regularly updated throughout the day.

  1. Business Day Mobile App

Bussiness Day

Business Day is one of the most respected newspapers in Nigeria. This is the app version which can be downloaded and installed on mobile devices. With this app, you can get instant access to major happening in the country and beyond.

BusinessDay is, particularly for the business-focused individuals. Therefore, this app gives infographics, company related stock, investments, and more. The app is also lightweight, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice lots of storage to follow the latest business trends.

  1. The Guardian Mobile App

The Guardian newspaper is also one of the most highly respected newspapers in Nigeria. It has a large coverage of news and opinions extending to the international scene. If you want to get the latest news, you will never go wrong downloading and installing the Guardian Mobile App on your device.

  1. ThisDay Newspapers Mobile App

This Day

Founded in 1995, ThisDay Newspapers in an authoritative news platform in the Nigerian clime. The newspaper covers events and stories from business, politics, sports, and even the capital and money markets.

ThisDay app is great for staying abreast of all relevancies in Nigeria. The app is a well-curated mobile version of the physical newspaper.

Timmylehyn Okungbowa
Timmylehyn Okungbowa
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