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Best Reddit Alternatives You Should Try

Reddit is one of the most popular sites on the internet. It’s often called the front page of the internet because it’s so big and well-trafficked that even major news organizations use it as a traffic source to direct people to their articles. A significant portion of internet users spend time on Reddit, but there are other sites out there that can suit your needs, as well. If you need to find an alternative to Reddit, check out these suggestions for the best alternative websites like Reddit.

Best Reddit Alternatives You Should Try


Quora is a question-and-answer website where you can get practically any question answered. If you have any questions, simply sign up for Quora and ask your question; you will undoubtedly receive some useful knowledge on the issue.

Unlike so many other social networking websites where you waste a lot of time without getting anything out of it, Quora ensures that your time is well spent by assisting you in learning something new.

It’s one of the most interesting forums, where you can contribute your knowledge by answering other questions from people and establishing yourself as an expert on the subject.


Are you sick of Reddit’s clumsy user interface? Do you want something similar but crisper and cleaner? If that’s the case, Digg is the site for you. You can focus on exactly those topics that interest you and disregard the others thanks to a clutter-free UI with simple navigation tools.

For many people, particularly in the United States and Canada, Digg has become their primary source of news. Despite the fact that Digg accepts paid-to-feature articles, its content is still excellent. Digg doesn’t promote anything that isn’t interesting to read.


Mashable is amongst the most popular sites for keeping up with all the latest social media, digital marketing, tech, and gadget news. They also feature gaming, internet videos, web design, and other entertainment topics. Mashable is also a good site to find new business news.

Unlike Reddit, which may be daunting to a newcomer, Mashable is surprisingly straightforward to navigate and helpful to newcomers. Despite the massive amount of stuff they publish every day, it’s really simple to sort through it all and locate what you enjoy. Simply stick to the topics that interest you and ignore the rest.

Lemmy is more involved in technological initiatives, and there are several communities specialized in computer coding and other tech-related issues on the site. On Lemmy, you can easily set up your own community without having to worry about the moderating and policing that a site like Reddit requires.

Lemmy, like many of the other sites on this list, is still fairly new, therefore it won’t contain the same volume of information that a site like Reddit does on a regular basis.

Hacker News-Top Reddit Alternative

Hacker News is one of the best sites similar to Reddit for tech lovers who want to keep up with the newest news. You’ll find a wide range of news to please your inner programmer. Hacker News, on the other hand, is about more than just programming and businesses.

This is a no-nonsense website exclusively dedicated to bringing tech news to all, so you won’t find any weird, funny threads or articles here.


All of these Reddit-like sites are excellent substitutes, and if you’re seeking something different, these sites will be really useful. If you have any questions or know of any other sites that are comparable to Reddit, share with us in the comments section below.

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