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Best Survey Bypass Tools and Remover Software

If you download things online often, you will come across many websites that ask you to complete surveys. Such requests can be quite pesky because it is usually not easy to do these surveys. As they require that you complete several steps to get the survey done, it can take a lot of your time. You’ll normally encounter such surveys on download pages for cracked tools and software.

And what’s the worst part about this kind of survey? It is not easy to bypass them. For this reason, to download a file (like music, videos, games, eBooks, etc.) from the internet, you are compelled to go through surveys, giving you a frustrating experience.

Thanks to a variety of survey bypass tools now available, you can easily bypass these surveys. You will find such software or extensions aplenty on the Internet, so it can be a tad time-wasting to pick a tool from the vast collection and try it out.

Top 10 Survey Bypass Tools and Remover Software

We have handpicked the best 10 tools and software/extensions that allow you to bypass surveys on sites.  If you notice any tool isn’t working, you could use a VPN, such as Psiphon for PC. That should solve the problem.

#1. Survey Remover

 Survey Remover

This is among the easiest tools out there you can use for bypassing surveys on the Internet. Whenever you’re stuck on a human verification page on a site you visit regularly, Survey Remover will enable you to bypass the hurdle. It comes in handy when you need to get rid of simple captchas & complex surveys, which ask you to complete multiple steps. To deploy this tool, simply enter the page URL that you intend to bypass the survey. Survey Remover is 100% free to use, so you are not required to make any payment for bypassing surveys, successfully, on the Internet.

#2. Survey Smasher

Survey Smasher

Survey Smasher comes highly recommended when it comes to surveying remover extensions that work efficiently. An extremely popular extension on the market, the tool encodes sites so as to get rid of annoying surveys. Though you might see its user interface as a bit professional, it is straightforward to use. You can paste any site URL, easily, and Survey Smasher will start encoding the site to get rid of the surveys from it. This tool removes all types of surveys from any site, instantly and easily.

#3. Sharecash Surveys Killer

This is yet another amazing survey bypasser tool, allowing you to remove the surveys of any site you visit. It works in the same way as the 2 software we reviewed above. Once you copy the URL of the site in question and paste it into the tool, it will do an excellent job for you. It also utilizes uses the same technique of encoding the pages in bypassing surveys.

#4. XJZ Survey Remover

This is an Extension for your Google Chrome Browser. To use the tool, simply add it as an extension to the Chrome Browser.  XJZ offers support for over 350 survey sites. And as a survey remover extension, it will serve you quite well. It provides an option for removing surveys with only a single click, and it is very easy to use as you are not required to install it to make it run. Also, since it has no form of geographical limitations, you can make use of it in any country. It works smoothly to help you bypass any survey on any site.

#5. Firefox Survey Remover Tool

If Firefox Mozilla is the browser you use, then it is not necessary for you to use any external Bypass tool. Firefox and Google Chrome will enable you to unlock any sites you want with their built-in Bypass extension. Firefox Survey Remover Tool is the most suitable for you as a Firefox user. The extension lets you get rid of all the surveys and will then instantly direct you to the original site. You can now download all the multimedia, images, documents, data, or other things on your device. Firefox Survey Remover Tool is free to use and helps you avoid wasting time in completing avoidable surveys.

#6. Survey Remover Pro

Survey Remover Pro

This is among the most popularly used survey bypass tools in the industry. And it’s also one of the most commonly used software on the Internet. It is a great tool that lets you remove surveys while downloading the full version of programs, compressed files, torrent links, and the like online. Survey Remover Pro also comes with support for quite a wide array of survey sites, including ShareCash, CleanFiles, FileLocker, etc. It can help get rid of those surveys, conveniently.

#7. ScriptSafe

ScriptSafe is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to block various scripts. Once it is installed, the tool will automatically prevent every one of the in-browser scripts. With that done, while trying to download some files or software from a site, you needn’t copy the download link and then paste it on a different site. ScriptSafe will do that for you, easily.

#8. All-in-One Survey Bypass Tool

Coming next on this list is the All in One Survey Bypass Tool. It’s another survey bypasser tool that is popularly used online. Its user interface is neat and easy to understand. You don’t need to take tons of steps to achieve your aim. To bypass a survey with this tool, just 4 steps are needed. Start by entering the URL of the site in question and selecting your file source. The next thing is to click on the Bypass & Download option. That is all — you are now set to download the file.

#9. Redirect Bypasser for Firefox

Best Survey Bypass Tools and Remover SoftwareThis is a Firefox browser extension. It is also an effective survey bypass tool that deserves a spot in this ranking. Redirect Bypasser has many uses, and removing surveys is just one of them. The tool equally protects users from infected URLs, redirecting them to unwanted sites. The extension protects you from online (cyber-related) fraud. When you’re being redirected to a potentially risky site that can bring harm to your computer, this extension blocks that URL, automatically. Redirect Bypasser is among the most popularly used survey remover tools out there.

#10. Do Not Survey

This is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox. Do Not Survey automatically avoids surveys on any sites you visit. It is perfect for you if Mozilla Firefox is your default browser. But do bear in mind that this tool could block some other scripts, necessary for user experience, which might hamper your user experience. If you’re only using it for bypassing a survey, there’s no harm in trying out the Mozilla Firefox add-on.

Are Survey Bypass Tools and Remover Software Safe to Use?

Yes, these Bypass tools will not harm your device in any way as they don’t contain viruses. However, ensure that before installing them, you scan them with an Antivirus. You can learn more about any tool you like from the above compilation and try them out to get rid of surveys on sites you want to download files and software.

Tijani Mustapha
Tijani Mustapha
Tijani Mustapha Adedeji is a Senior Tech Writer on Techblet. He has a strong flair for gadgets and tech-related developments around the globe. Deji, based in Lagos, Nigeria, is an avid reader, who loves meeting people.
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