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Best Teen Dating Apps

We’re in the 21st century where we spend most of our time online with little or no time to actually go out and socialize and meet people hence the teen dating apps coming to the rescue. Dating apps provide you with a safe place to meet people, chat with them and know them a little better before actually going on a date.

Now, there are a lot of teen dating apps out there but actually meeting people on the app is key, and for that to happen the app needs a lot of people which is kinda the biggest criterion in choosing the teen dating apps in this list.

Without further ado, let’s get right down to it.

Best Teen Dating Apps


Tinder needs no introduction and if you frequent social media websites then you must have seen or heard of the famous dating app. The dating app is famous for good reasons as it has successfully matched a whole lot of people, some of whom are even married. The app has had over 30 billion matches to date with an average of about a 26Million matches per day. It is by far the very best among teen dating apps available out there.

All you have to do is download the app, register by providing the relevant details and you’re good to go. Based on the information you provided, you’ll be shown other people and if you like what you see you can simply swipe right. If the other person sees this, likes what they see and swipes right too then it’s a match. You can chat with the person, maybe go on a date and take it from there.


Badoo also ranks high among teen dating apps with quite a number of people with up to 400,000 joining the platform daily so matching you shouldn’t be a problem. With Badoo, you get to meet new people in a safe environment as they have a verification process that gets rid of catfishing. Using the app is so simple and fun. You can also find out who you’ve bumped into while you were out and about and maybe go on date. If looking for a dating app to download and use then Badoo should definitely be among the top contenders.

  • Download Badoo Here For Android and iOS

Hot Or Not

Hot Or Not is actually more of a game than a dating app but it is still a dating app nonetheless. Let’s just say it adds a twist to how you meet people. You simply Register via Facebook, add your best photos and play the game in order to get fans who get to rate if you’re hot or not. If someone finds you hot then you can chat with the person and kick things off From there. You can also see the hottest people nearby based on people who have rated other people. Also, you can rate other people’s photos. It is just a fun game to play whilst looking for a date.


As the name says, MeetMe actually gives you a platform to meet other people. There are over a 100million people on the MeetMe platform so all you have to do is simply Go Live, Chat and Meet New People. You can even video chat or live stream on the MeetMe App.

With MeetMe you get to meet new people that have the same interests and hobbies as you and are also nearby so you guys can make preparations for a date. That is of course if you guys hit it off while chatting or video chatting. The app is also free to use and all you have to do is download, Provide some information like your name, interests, hobbies, etc and you’re good to go.


Zoosk isn’t my first pick but is certainly Among the apps I’d recommend as it has its advantages. One thing I like about zoosk dating app is the photo verification process that requires new users to submit video selfies to confirm that they actually look like the photos they upload. This helps in curbing catfishing. Asides from this, it’s pretty much like other dating apps where you get to meet singles nearby. They also have over a 40million members on the platform and while that isn’t much compared to other dating apps on this list, it’s still better than most. Definitely worth giving a shot.

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