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Best UC Browser Alternatives for Android and iPhone

The UC browser, which is owned by the Alibaba group, is one of the most popular online browsers, particularly for the Android platform. UC browser quickly gained popularity following its release, and it quickly became a must-have web browser app for your smartphones. It is well-known for its ad-blocking capabilities and for providing a fast browsing experience.

UC Browser is not as safe as you believe. In terms of privacy, you should not rely on this web browser to keep your surfing activity secure. With this in mind, many people have been looking for decent UC Browser alternatives. If you are one of them, this post will highlight the best UC Browser alternatives.

Best UC Browser Alternatives for Android and iPhone

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is my overall choice for people looking for a basic and user-friendly browser. Apart from that, Chrome can generate passwords and sync everything to your Google account, allowing you to move from one device to another with ease. Not to mention that Chrome has a dark UI.

Many users favor UC Browser due to its “fast download” capability. Chrome, on the other hand, offers smart downloading, which divides the file into small segments to speed up the download.

Install: Google Chrome (Android / iOS)

2. Brave Browser

Brave browser is one of the top UC browser alternatives since it offers consumers a quick and safe browsing experience. The best feature of the browser is that it includes an ad-blocker.

Brave browser includes features such as ad-free online browsing, third-party cookie blocking, script blocking, private bookmarks, and much more. It is ideal for folks who do not want to be interrupted when surfing.

To put it simply, Brave is a modern browser that provides all the necessary security while also allowing you to enjoy flawless browsing.

Install: Brave Browser (Android / iOS)

3. Safari

If you have an iPhone, Safari is a natural replacement for UC Browser. Safari includes Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), and unlike Chrome, it automatically blocks all third-party cookies. Except for the page you are visiting, no tracker can follow you across the web and learn about your preferences.

Also, Safari now includes a dark mode, a download manager, a wonderful reading mode, and other features. So, simply uninstall UC Browser and switch to Safari on your iPhone.

Comes pre-installed on iPhone

4. Mint Browser

Mint Browser is a promising new web browser that has recently grown in popularity. It’s also one of the more feature-rich browsers, including compatibility for a few Galaxy Store add-ons. Mint Browser is a true UC Browser alternative because it offers a variety of features while remaining lightweight. Dark mode, native ad-blocker, download manager, font personalization, private mode, autofill functionality, and much more are available.

Install: Mint Browser (Android )

5. Kiwi

Kiwi is a very new web browser that is considerably superior to UC Browser. It works on the same principles as Brave and Firefox Focus. And it has some unique characteristics that you will certainly adore. The browser has a similar appearance and feels to Chrome (thanks to the Chromium base).

Kiwi is compatible with Chrome extensions. That is, you can install Chrome extensions on your smartphone. How cool is that?

Install: Kiwi (Android)

6. Opera

If you were a fan of UC Browser’s numerous features, you’ll feel right at home on Opera. It, like UC Browser, has a plethora of functions while also respecting your privacy. Opera prevents all third-party trackers and obtrusive adverts from interfering with your browser experience.

Install: Opera (Android / iOS)

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