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10 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android

Some years back during the days of “China phones”, one could use two of those devices to host a birthday party. The sound was so high that it could make one go deaf. Android devices come with minimal sound control and can be disadvantageous when we need a higher volume than what is obtainable. We have all been in a situation where we needed to listen to music in public or watch a certain video with friends but our phone volume failed us.

Android phones come with a restricted volume threshold that makes our videos or playlist sound low. But with other problems faced with Android devices, there are always solutions in an app. Volume boosters are apps that increase the volume of the device above the normal level of the device.

A bit of advice though. Be very careful with the continuous use of these volume booster apps as they may result in a blown speaker. Having said this, let us explore some of the best volume booster apps for android as brought to you by Phonecorridor.

Best Volume Booster Apps For Android

Volume Booster Pro-Best Volume Booster Apps

Volume booster pro

Top of the list of the best Volume Booster Apps is the volume booster pro which comes with lots of features and benefits. It comes with a central control panel that can effortlessly adjust the sound points of a smartphone.

With the volume booster pro, you can easily control your music, alarm and other system sounds individual. With the same app, you can also easily increase every sound point together. The volume booster comes with a sleek and beautifully designed user interface. You don’t have to pay a dime to get this app in the play store, it is absolutely free. You can download the volume booster pro for android here

Volume Booster by GOODEV

The volume booster is different from the volume booster pro, however, it is among the best Volume Booster Apps for Android. The unique selling point of the volume booster is the app’s accessibility. When installed, the app confidently sits on the home screen and with a touch, it opens up for you to adjust the volume of your device easily.

Volume booster is undoubtedly one of the best apps for podcasts. In the settings menu, you can easily improve sound clarity. The app is absolutely free on the play store. Go on and download the volume booster for android here


This app lives up to its name. It is one of the best voice booster apps for improving sound quality from videos, podcasts, and music. It has frequency sliders that can be used to reduce the risk of phone spoilage. Although this app comes for free but to enjoy some of its premium features, you will need to upgrade to the premium version. Download the Android version here

Precise Volume

Precise Volume

Precise Volume app also answers its name as the unique selling point. with the app, you can set custom volume levels for different apps. It also comes with an equalizer function that makes the sound just palatable to the ear.

With the precise volume function in the precise volume app (I hope that’s not confusing), you can control volumes in degrees of 100 steps over the standard 15-step volume control offered by android makers. Download app here


We all know and love the VLC player as a movie player for both our personal computers and mobile phones. The unique icon alone makes it very recognizable. Most of us don’t know or rather haven’t realized that the app is as well a good volume booster as it as a movie player.

The app helps you increase the sound of your mobile device in quantum difference from what our phone manufacturers give to us. But, you need to follow these steps to get it done. Go to Preferences>Video>Audio-boost and you will have your volume increased. Download the app for Android here

 Sound Booster

How do you feel when you want to listen to your best song but are limited by the low volume of your Android device, you can now increase the volume with aid of Sound Booster. This app works with  Alarm sound; DTMF (keypad dialling sound); Music volume;  Notifications volume (SMS, E-mail, etc); Phone ringer volume; System sound volume (battery low, Voice call volume, etc.


* Open the volume booster;
* press the sound button;
* wait for the app to maximize all the sounds;
* minimize the sound booster app to have all the sounds maximized

Music Volume EQ + Bass Booster

Music Volume EQ + Bass Booster

Music Volume EQ application is an amazing app which ranks high among the best volume booster apps for Android. One thing about this app is that it is very flexible and comes loaded with a five-band graphic equalizer with excellent sound, volume control, and VU-meter. It is compatible with all popular music playback applications for Android such as Android Music Player, Winamp, Google Music, MixZing, Poweramp etc.

You can listen to songs in your music library with the best form of audio control. To enjoy this app, you will need to plug in your pair of headphones and you can use any music player of your choice. Download the App here.

Features of Music Volume EQ – Sound Booster Equalizer

  • Media audio control
  • Five-band music equalizer
  • Bass booster effect – speaker booster
  • 3D Virtualizer effect
  • 9 equalizer presets with Custom Preset
  • 2 themes (Classic and Material theme)
  • Listen to good music whatever audio player you use
  • Stereo-led VU meter
  • Home screen widget
  • Lock media volume
  • Loudness enhancer – Volume boost amplifier (Only for Android version 4.4 and higher)
  • Great for hi-fi headphones
  • Circular music beat bars
  • Video volume booster
  • Audible sound spectrum
  • Live Wallpaper

 How to install and use Music Volume EQ

1. Put on your best headphones
2. Turn on your Android music player or MP3 music player to play top songs from your music library.
3. Open Music Volume EQ and adjust the sound level and frequency.
4. To save a custom preset press Save Preset on the list and type the preset name. To delete the preset, long-press the preset name and delete.
5. Select your preferred theme: Classic or Material
6. You can switch to full-screen visualization and enjoy a stereo sound booster.
7. To close the application and remove it from the Status Bar long press the app power button.

Speaker Boost – Volume Booster

Speaker Boost - Volume Booster

This app as the name suggests helps to boost the speaker volume of your Android phone. However, not all phones are supported. It is advisable you check if it will be compatible with your device because boosting Volume to the max can damage your speaker hardware.

It is quite simple to use and is a free app to boost your speaker’s sound volume. It is useful as a volume booster for movies, audiobooks, and music. Also works great as a sound booster for headphones. Download the App here

Super Loud Volume Booster

Super Loud Volume Booster

One thing about some Android devices is that they are limited by the maximum amplification capabilities when it comes to sound. Super Loud Volume is an excellent Sound Amplification app that does what it says. Not only that, this sound booster app help to process all the audio that is being played on your device. It is one of the best Volume Booster Apps and you can download it on the app store.

Key Features

  • With Volume Booster you can make any program as loud as you want,
  • Music player volume booster for headphones, head Phone Volume Booster Support all devices,
  • Music sound increaser with music equalizer boost Increase Volume.
  • Boost speaker volume
  • Bass booster amplifies system volume
  • The equalizer music player has no distortion when increasing
  • Easy control from the system tray
  • Volume control customizes the audio for many applications
  • Enjoy your favourite music without external speakers
  • Enhance bass boost and speaker booster loud and other sound effects.
  • Volume Increaser can customize the sound for many applications on the phone
  • Download the app here

Music Equalizer – Bass Booster & Volume Booster

This is different from the No. 7 above and is an excellent music equalizer. It is an easy-to-use Equalizer with Bass booster, Volume booster, and 3D Virtualizer effects. If you love listening to music, you will find this app very interesting. With over 5 million downloads on the play store, it is one of the best Volume Booster Apps for Android devices.

Key Features

  • Bass boost effect
  • Media volume control
  • Stereo surround sound effect
  • Bass booster for headphones
  • 5 Bands Equalizer
  • 15 Colourful Themes
  • 10 preset equalizations(Normal, Classic, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock)
  • Download the app here

There you go again. Our best volume booster apps for android. With these apps, you can be sure to have increased clarity over your music and movies. At Phonecorridor, we care about your knowledge and we are poised to help you enjoy the most of your mobile phone and get to know more about phones generally. Please check out more of our articles. Enjoy your stay

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